Reasonable price for used royalex canoe?

I’m considering picking up a used Wenonah Spirit II in royalex and I was wondering what a reasonable price for it would be. The seller says he’s the original owner, bought the boat about 10 years ago, that the boat has only been used a few times and hence only has a few superficial scratches on the bottom. It’s been garage stored as far as I can tell.

Now I realize that royalex is no longer produced and that this may affect the prices.

I’m looking for a canoe for touring/fishing Michigan rivers with my family and I’d like to learn to navigate class 1/11 whitewater in it–hence looking for something used in royalex.

My canoe an '84 Sawyer Charger (18ft) in fiberglass (about 85 lbs) but it’s pretty straight tracking and definitely too old to be banging off of rocks.

What would you consider to be a good price to offer for a used spirit II?

Wenonah Solo plus
for sale

used once


If in good shape
I would pay $600-800 for it maybe $900 if I just had to have it. It is a nice all around canoe.


Solo Plus
It is my opinion that anyone who would pay $2,800.00 for a brand new, or used once/pristine, Wenonah Solo Plus in Royalex, is more than half a bubble off center.

Where did you come up with that ridiculous price?


$600-800 would be reasonable in my book. In the past paid $800 for a Tuff weave wenonah, $800 for a kevlar Ultralight wenonah, and $600 for an ooooold kevlar ultralight wenonah.

But since royalex is discontinued, its value may be somewhat artificially high, if the seller knows what he has

10 years old
In my opinion, $500 max.

jack L

I’ve heard they’re grinding up royalex
…and selling it in powder form for snorting, for people who can no longer afford the entire canoe made of royalex.

IMO if it’s as represented $500 would be a great deal; certainly not max. I’d be inclined to agree with prevailing sentiment of $600 to $800 if it’s as nice as the seller claims and has indeed been stored indoors. Does it have any extra goodies like bags/bag cages? That would be something to consider when determining a price, especially since you want to run a little WW in it.

If my Vertige ever dies I plan to have it ground up and put in an urn which I’ll proudly but sadly display on the mantel. I just hope no royalheads steal it for snorting purposes.

I have also heard
that the only way to come down is to snort a big pile of polyethylene beads.

If in really excellent condition

This is a tough crowd.

more than the other guy who wants it

the market unites
The canoe is mine so is the price based on current prices for similar desirable hulls in graphite ultra light or ultra light Kevlar.

These are special hulls, special prices for a niche market.

You want one Dude ? you pay the freight.

Graphite UL 35 lbs $3099

snuff ?
yawl snort snuff, no ?


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Really, a used Royalex canoe for nearly the same price in Kevlar, good luck with that.

Bill H.

considering the product of royalex is NOT made anymore…

grab it!!!

Depends on the market
I paid $800 for one in decent, but not great, condition last summer, and was happy to do it. But it took a year for anything even remotely interesting to come up on my local craigslist.

why diss
royalex vs Kevlar ?

Kevlar isn’t superior to royalex…Kevlar is more labor intensive than royalex.]


there must be another forum…

the ad
in my above post sells an equipped Solo for $1600. buy it.

'That boat as it shows here should price at $2G