reat support Thermos corp

I use a thermos to take my coffee to work,camping or on road trips. I had one where the cap got broken by my carelessness. Sent it to thermos they sent me a new thermos. I use this 5-6 days a week and after 3-4

years it stopped keeping the coffee HOT. Sent it in to thermos and got a new one today.

Great company great product( it held up to my hard use, throwing around dropping etc. ) Plus the thing will float even when filled!

Nice to deal with people like them.

Charlie Swengros


I use my thermos almost …
… every day also . It’s a Thermos brand .

it’s got miles on it , can’t remember how many years , 20 ??

it will keep contents hot enough to burn you after 24 hrs. in cold wx … mine is a red one with no handle , stainless liner , gets abused and keeps on keepin on . Should end up in a museum I think !!

Keeps hot things hot
and cold things cold, how do it know.