Rec boat for 6'/ 200lb male

Anyone have any advise on recreation or day touring kayaks for my size. I have tried the Perception Sundance Airlite, and was really impressed with the speed for a 12 ft kayak. It seemed hard to knee brace though. I was also considering the Perception Sonoma 13 or Necky Manitou, but never paddled them. any other suggestions?

Look at the Heritage Range

OT Adventure XL
125 or,especially the 139, is a grand boat for not only recreational paddling but also for light touring.

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NC Cal

Light Tourer…
is what I think of when you start talking about “speed” and contact with knees and thighs. Maybe you want to check out the Perception Carolina series and WS Capelookout series.


Necky Manitou
I’m 6’1", 180 lbs. Recently purchased Necky Manitou after trying out various other kayaks at a demo day. Love the Manitou. Plenty of room. Relatively stable. Paddles easily, comes up to speed quickly, tracks well, not affected by moderate wind.

not the Sonoma…
Nice boat but it will be a tight fit for you. have a look at the Pungo but try out as many as you can before you buy. Many places have trial nights… if you let them know you’re comming out, they’ll surely have a couple of boats there that fit you well.

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Thanks for the replies
I thought I might be too large for the Sonoma. I will have to demo a few. I think I’m getting addicted. Ill probably be buying a fleet of kayaks.