rec kayak needed

A colleague of mine just bought a house on the beach. She decided she had to have a kayak. Below is our conversation:

Subject: FW: kayak


I have an opportunity to buy a wood duck 12 with sapele deck kayak. Can you give me your opinion on this?



Subject: RE: kayak

CLC makes good kayaks but they sell kits, so the kayak is only as good as the builder is. You could have fun in anything that floats, but if you want to have some control over your boat I’d get a slightly longer and a slightly more narrow boat. This one is practically round, which, regardless of what the website says, may make it hard to control, especially in any wind. The kit costs $859. What is it being sold for?

There’s a great website called Post a question there, and let them (and me) know what your hopes are for the kayak. Do you want to travel? Piddle around your front yard? Fish? Go kayak camping? Get in shape? Take classes for skill improvement?

Hope this helps,


Subject: RE: kayak

it is being sold completely at $1400., put together by a professional. Just want to paddle in the bay with a margarita between my legs.


Subject: RE: kayak

LOL…sounds like it may be the boat for you, but $1400 seems really high to me You can get a much less expensive used plastic boat, maybe a tad longer and narrower if you decide to get ambitious later on. but I’ll post for you on pnet. Take a look at the classified, there are several boats in NY, NJ, CT area that may suit your needs.

Any opinions? I’m not familiar with rec boats.



Tell her to get a Perception Swifty
or WS Pungo, both available for half what she’s looking at.Our neighbor has a Swifty for exactly the stated purpose.

old town!!!
the dirigo 14 has the most awesome cupholder ever for your margarita!

Pungo is faste and better in most ways but you’ll have to have a smaller margarita cup.

Buy it !
She just bought a house on the beach,let her have the best margaretta holder in town.

She can probably even tie a rope to the boat so she can pull herself back in for refills.

She’ll save a lot of money on not needing a paddle.

If she ever decides she wants to learn to paddle,she can buy a real kayak and take classes and learn that boating and alcohol dont mix.

Viaduct? Why not a duck…
If she can afford it, I think a Wood Duck is a great idea for a rec kayak - why not look good while watching the sunset? Plus, if she’s single and wants to meet male kayakers, a nice shiny wood kayak will do the trick - they will magically appear from all quarters…

“with a margarita between my legs.”

I sent her the replies, which smartly fall into two schools of thought so she can make up her own mind.

Yes, I’ll give her the alcohol and boating, PFD, and spring kills talk as soon as she buys.

Thanks for the good advice, replies,


How far out she going?

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I am asking because if she "has" to have a kayak, she may have a sense of where she wants to go with it. My sister and her husband have Otters - another 10 footer rec boat - and while it suits their need they have also found that they can't comfortably explore very far from the shore. It's a combination of the large cockpit and the oats' tendency to be impacted by wind.

So - if her only goal is to park a Margarita between her legs, and her locational goals are limited, the rec boat would work. But if she wants to explore further... your best advice may be for her to go for a beater that'll not be painful to abandon if she decides to go for more.

Wood Duck is a beautiful little boat
If she’s got the money, appreciates the beauty, and wants to float around with a margarita between her knees, go for it.

Wood boats need maintenance
Periodic sanding and revarnishing. The occasional bit of epoxy to fill in the bigger gouges.

That may not be in-line with beach house goals.

I have

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I have a nice Swift Saranac 14.6 for sale and I'm in CT.