Rec kayaks/ Entry Sea Kayak-different

I notice that alot of you guys classify a boat like a Perception Swifty with a boat like a Prodigy 12 or Pamlico 140 as Recreational. But, in my opinion, shorter rec boats 9-11’ long and longer kayaks 11-14’ long should be in different classes. I consider those longer kayaks “Entry-Level Touring”. I’m not saying that their iddentical to a 17’ Expedition kayak, but their much more in common with a sea kayak than a 9’ Rec kayak. They are only a couple feet shorter, and they have more outfitting like a true Sea kayak. Thats why i consider my Pamlico 140 a Touring kayak. But more of an entry-level touring kayak. I dont think of it as a rec boat. to me, a rec kayak is 9-11’ long, with bare outfitting. If you have different views on this, thats fine, just wondering what you classify as “REC.”

I’m not Bill Clinton
so I don’t play games with words.

This is a technicality that has no answer because there is no realdefinition.

Call it what you want. Sometimes I call mine a kayak, a boat or a rec kayak. It’s still red, 12’ long and it floats.

I agree Pam _14


Any boat with a cup holder is …
definitely a “touring” boat.

What happened to “Elite Recreational”

How bout "Performance Recreational"
or “Super-Sized recreational” Or “Touring Kayak Lite” or “Giant County-Fair-Winning-Pumpkinseed Boat.”

One question and action that often takes place in the paddle shop i work is that customers come in under the impression they are looking for a recreational kayak (AKA beginner kayak). My first kayak i ever owned was a P&H Capella…then a P&H Sirius and now a Valley Rapier. All ‘fields’ of paddling - canoeing, kayaking, sea kayaking, river kayaking, surfski paddlers, lake and pond touring kayakers - all of them have boats designated as beginner boats. The term ‘recreational’ has grown into a misleading term in recent years. A recreational paddler (in my eyes) is someone who enjoys paddling as an extracurricular activity (sea kayaking, river kayaking, lake and pond kayaking). You could buy a beginner sea kayak, or a beginner ww kayak or a beginner canoe or for that matter a beginner surfski. I have learned that many people refer to Recreational kayaks as the prodigys, kestrels, pungos of the world.

I’ve also learned that i have met many paddlers in pungos and kestrels with skills superior to my own. In that same group I have met paddlers in their CD Solstice paddling with people in their Cobra Explorer SOTs paddling alongside kestrels and Aquanauts!

Totally agree
I am not a recreational kayaker. Rec kayakers dont consider kayaking an interest. Kayaking is my LIFE!! My life revolves around kayaking and my pamlico 140. Its my passion. I have been paddling a Pamlico 140 for 3 years, going on 4, and I plan to use it as long as it’ll last.

Serious answer
The terminology is irrelevant. The question is where do you intend to paddle, under what conditions? Do you expect the possibility of adverse weather (wind and waves)? Will you be alone or with others? Is it a day trip or a week long camping trip or an expedition? If I was doing a day trip where bad weather might come up I would never consider a Pamlico 140. It is comparatively inefficient, does not handle as well, and does not have the necessary features for safety and control as a true sea kayak, or even an entry level sea kayak like the Tsunamis. In particular, the pam 140 does not have thigh braces, it has only one hatch, and the deck rigging is inadequate. It is fine to be in love with your boat. Enjoy it. But don’t try to make it more than it is. It could be dangerous.

Wanna match days or miles?

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I've only got 7,000+ river miles on my kestrel and its just over 3 years old.

It's after midnight and I been here on the computer since 8:30am planning a 631 mile 44 day river trip so I can truly understand

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Isn’t all boating “Recreational”?
–Unless you get paid for it, professionally.

(And welcome back – we missed you!)

They’re All bloody canoes
This side of the pond.

I don’t agree Pam_14


Hey, I have often wondered
What do they call a canoe (open boat like a Jensen, Bell, etc) over there?



isn’t that a
Canadian canoe?

Yup, Canadian canoo
or ah’ hear’d dem referred ta as dem “Indian Canoes” too.

a rose is still a rose
by any other name

but then
what do you call boats with ashtrays and cigarette lighters?

Don’t leave us in suspense—what is it you seek to truly understand Grasshopper?

Indian canoes???
Does that mean they paddle them in Bombay and Calcutta or is it just that Columbus wasn’t very good at geography?