rec/touring ???

there are two differnt rivers close to my house. 100 yards wide are more and slow moving. there is a couple of shoals with a few class II not many , mostly flat so what I am looking for is a kayak around 15’ long, around 25" wide,with a little rocker, and a large cockpit to get out of real quick around some of the shoals. In the summer these rivers run shallow in places so you might have to drag some, so plastic is a must.what I have looked at the rec. are to slow for what I want and the touring are to narrow or small cockpits. thanks



CD Kestrel 140?..
Pretty quick with a larger cockpit…

Hey Jeremy
How about a SOT? I’ve got a 14’ Liquid Logic Manta Ray. Handles Class II (maneuverable), quick (but not as fast as my Tarpon 160), decent glide, easy to get in and out of. Dry ride. If you get one, definitely install thigh straps. I think every SOT should have them.

Venture Easky 13 or 15?


sit on top
If you really value getting in and out fast and want something with decent flatwater speed have a look at the Ocean Kayak Scupper pro. frankly i wasn’t fond of it in a bay with strong winds and chop that made it weathercock horridly, but in flat-ish water it’s very nice.

The Tarpon 160 would be perfect!!

Feathercraft Big Kahuna
Pretty light so you can carry it over those rocky spots

Agree with Swordfish- the Calabria
by Prijon is a fine boat and seems to fit exactly what you are seeking.

Prijon Calabria
I think there is one on an eBay! storefront somewhere for $850. Regularly they list for $1100.

See you on the water,


redmond or swedge have either one of you checked out what kind of speed you could get out of the 160? cruising, top speed, and how responsive is it to make a quick turn.


Tarpon 160
Very good speed, i.e., good glide and actual speed. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t turn well. Get it up on edge helps, but that’s why I bought the LL Manta Ray. I believe that it was Greyak used to race with his Tarpon 160.