Reccomend me a boat please

I am looking for a solo boat to use on small lakes and some slow moving rivers. I’d like the ability to be able to take 3 days worth of gear. I recently looked at a wenonah wilderness in ul kevlar that can get a really good deal on, $2100. I worry about the durability of the layup as the closest river here can run pretty shallow at times. The shop I went to also had a used wenonah fusion in royalex with the rudder. It’s in really good condition and I can get it for $1100. I also considered getting a kayak, the bonafide ex123 looks pretty interesting. I’m about 6 feet tall and weight 235 pounds. I’d like your inputs on those boats, my concerns about the durability of the kevlar and your suggestions on other boats. My budget is $2500.

Kevlar is pretty tough. The gelcoat over it may need repair, but the Kevlar rarely will. Different boats have different layups. Some are heavy duty, some are not.
Canoe vs kayak has been done to death. What are you most comfortable paddling? Which one will haul what you need? Go with it.
Buy used, learn what you like or dislike, and move to your next boat if you need to.

For a first boat, if I were you I would buy a used Royalex canoe.

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Agree with ppine.

If I were you, I’d look for a used Royalex solo. I’m sure you could find something suitable for your stated needs, and save yourself in excess of 1,600.00.

With the money saved; you could buy a couple of decent paddles, a high quality pfd, a first air kit, canteens, a gps, a kneeling pad, and some other nice to have gear. And “still” have money left over.

Look at pnet want ads, and on craiglist within 170 mile radius of where you live. Lots of high quality, used boats out there, at discounted prices.
Do as many test paddles as you can before purchase.
Based on your intended usage, spending 2,500.00 would be
overkill, in my opinion.


If you plan to boat in rocky rivers on a regular basis, I agree with Royalex or plastic. They are relatively indestructible as opposed to a composite boat with gel coat, even over Kevlar. If in good condition, used is usually the way to go, especially for a first boat. Canoes and kayaks hold their value very well.

Canoe or kayak, depends on what you want to do with it. Average canoe carries more and a kayak is generally better in rough of windy conditions on open water. Good chance you’ll eventually end up with one of each. :grinning:

I think you mean after the initial purchase. $2500 out the door, sold five years later for $1200, sold two years later for $1000, sold five years later for $1100… (for example…)