Recent excursion...

Teamed up with Kingfish and Buddah to search for the “wily, elusive” sacalait (white perch) this past Sunday.

*Cloudy / cool day = good (for white perch fishing)

*Winds under 10 mph = good enough

*5-6 bridges within paddling distance that provide structure that holds sacalait = cool!

*Muddy water due to recent rains = bad

*Advice from the owner of the bait shop to only buy about 15 minnows per person when the limit on sacalait here is 50 fish = REALLY bad.

*Paddling, exploring, and fishing with a couple of cooperative guys who each had a great sense of humor… priceless!

<br />
Thankfully the company was great cuz the fishing stunk!  <br />
Everyone brough a sense of humor and a cooperative and playful attitude.  We had great fun picking on each other.  Grandpa, the fashion guy, and the sucky guide shared chuckles all day.  <br />
<br />
Buddah's new Tarpon 140 is a sharp boat.  When he wasn't looking I drooled on it.    <br />
<br />
Kingfish's Pungo 140 is as fast as Buddah's T-140 and I had trouble keeping up in my lil Scout despite the fact that I'm in excellent shape (*cough-cough*  "Ya'll hold up a second... I gotta light another one").<br />
<br />
Anyone ever eat thistles?  Beware... there's a lil flowering weed that looks a lot like a young thistle.  It taste like crap!  I'm afraid Kingfish will never trust me again when it comes to edible wild stuff again.  ;o)  Whoops!<br />
<br />
Good thing I couldn't find any edible wild mushrooms.<br />

Where’d y’all go?


Hey Kurt!
Hope you’ve been well.

We went to Babin Canal / Black Bayou / Saverio Canal.

Launched at Laurel Ridge Road just off of Stringer Bridge Road which intersects Hwy 22 at Catch 22 Seafood & Bait.

Reportedly a decent spot when the water is cleaner.

Wanna join us next time? Love to have ya.

I’ve been doing fine. I have new obligations at home with junior, so I haven’t been doing much fishing lately. Next time you go, let me know. I had a couple trips planned for the marsh, but the weather didn’t cooperate.



What is the sot rumor all about


You freak…
I couldn’t figure out what you were talking about so I had to go back and re-read this thread. That was no help. Read your message again… AHHHH!!! THAT SOT rumor! LOL

Yep, it’s true… I bought a Walden Cuda for half price last week. It hasn’t been wet yet despite the fact that I fished for a couple of hours today. Gotta get her dress properly before takin her out ya know. Thinking about adding an onboard toilet for all the crap y’all throw my way. I already know how she paddles cuz if ya flip her over, her bottom looks just like the Scout. Neither has a bottom as big as the Ex wife’s though. Hell you could write Mitsubishi TWICE across that thing. In bold print even!