Recent new Poke Boat purchase?

I want to buy a new Micro Poke Boat-- the only place I can find is a company in McKee KY-- however I think they might of gone out of business and the only postings are a few years old and my request for info has not been acknowledged.

Please help me acquire a New Micro Poke Boat or let me know if the company (Phoemix Poke Boats I think it is called) in McKee KY is legit.

Also I plan to sell my practically new Maxi Poke Boat now due to my age and arthritic problems. Anyone interested? – I live in Durham NC

I do not know if one can still buy a new Poke Boat.

There are some other options in small, light, easy to use boats like the Wenonah in the link. Hemlock Canoes and Northstar Canoes also make a little one. The Wenonah and Hemlock models come in two sizes (Small and Very Small :smile:).

If you want to sell your current boat just run a free ad on this site and craigslist and it will likely sell quickly since the used canoe market is strong right now.

thanks so much for your info – i actually bought a Wee Lassie but my core strength is poor and when i took it out (3 times) I just capsized. I need the wider boat to hopefully avoid that.
Hadn’t realized that it was a good market so I’ll do that suggestion ASAP.
Thank you again