Recent Shortening Epic Paddles Experience (shorten from ends or middle)

I need to shorten two Epic carbon paddles. I have been looking at some old posts that indicate the blades can be removed using a heat gun without much trouble because the glue is supposed to be hot glue that would soften with heat. Also, these old posts discussed removing the mid section insert used with the length lock system easily with heat from a heat gun. I could shorten from ends or at the middle but the first thing is to determine how to remove either the blades or the insert at the center. I tried heat from a heat gun at both locations but neither the blades nor the insert could be removed. Has anyone done either of these removals recently? If yes, please let me know how you did it. Thanks in advance for any help.

Might be good to ask Epic tech reps first. They might even shorten it for a reasonable fee.

I don’t know about carbon paddles but have messed around with carbon golf club shafts and learned you don’t want to put much heat to them and also cutting them shorter is interesting.

I shortened a two piece carbon from the end. I cut the blade off and worked the shaft piece out with a sharp chisel in pieces.
Cutting the shaft was done by making a fixture to lay the shaft in so I could turn it. I wrapped the spot to be cut with tape to prevent splintering. I cut it with a fine toothed hacksaw blade while turning the shaft by hand.
It made the ferrule a bit off center but didn’t affect the paddle use.

EPIC was able to shorten our paddles. Not a lot of money. May want to call them

Somewhere, back in the last millennium, I ordered my first Epic wing paddle. This was in the time when Oscar was doing the dog and pony show with their brand new, boxy, and carbon black 18.

The box arrived and it rattled. I got a shaft and two paddles, with instructions for buying a medium heat hot melt glue gun.

Medium heat because there was about a hundred degree difference between the melting point of the glue and that for the epoxy of the shaft.

Epic has moved on since then. Mainly because of a lot of complaints they no longer do it that way, nor will they tell you how the paddles are glued to the shaft.

Call them and ask, then let them fix it. They have jigs to hold everything in place, just so you won’t feel bad if you are DIY person.

I just emailed Epic about shortening my paddles. Thanks everyone.