Recent Water snake photos

-- Last Updated: Aug-06-06 1:03 AM EST --

Maybe some snakes seen on the river are water snakes misidentified as Water Moccasins/Cottonmouths.
In this small album are some photos of watersnakes from Montauk State Park (the headwaters of the Current River) in Missouri.
They swim very well underwater and like to bask on the rocks.
Notice how the bands reverse colors as they get near the underside....

wish we had nice reptiles like these around here. all we get are garter snakes, but on the islands around, there are plenty to see.

Thank God
we don’t get snakes like that where I paddle! Enough to consider giving up the sport.


Nice photos Anne…
Now you know that in Texas any snake in or near the water is Water Moccassin, poisonious or not.