Recipe for a "Magic"

Pyker, how does that go again?

I remember reading your description, but it escapes me.


Special recipe
Start with a pot full of bourbon (don’t waste you money on the Blantons for this one). Add Crystal Light lemonade (a dash goes a long way). Cover and heat over open flame (preferably wood fire). When the vapors combust when the lid is removed, extinguish, pour and enjoy (in moderation cause a little goes a long way!)

Plan to have some available at Raystown!


Thanks Randy.
Is ther a recommended ambient temperature range, or season of the year for this? Seems like it would not be fashionable before Labor day.


Slaves to fashion
Yeah, the “Magic” is definitely a cold weather drink.

It would be perfectly appropriate anytime you had to degrease an engine, or strip the paint off of something however.

Before labor day useful for all your degreasing needs (including those stubborn pots and pans with burned chili or ribs stuck on them). After Labor Day though it is a delightfully warming pre-meal apertife.


oh, that hurts
Those fumes are perfectly good alcohol going to waste.

And what the heck is that moderation talk all about?

I think I’m going to go have a good cry. And you seemed like such a decent person for an engineer (sniffle, sob). LOL

pre-meal aperitif
As opposed to a post-meal aperitif?

Just think of it as - - -
- - -Lite Bourbon - - -

All the flavour and half the affects. Just like lite beer. Drink enough and you still won’t care.