Recognize the Rhythm 14?

Does anybody recognize the Perception Sport Rhythm 14 being sold at Dick's?

The "Perception Sport" brand appears to be the name that Confluence is using to sell discontinued kayaks to the big box stores. I'm curious about the name of this boat in its previous life so I can get some more information about it.

I thought the Rhythm was thermoform?
I thought it weighed about 40 lbs. Maybe it was a different boat that I saw at Fluid Fun in Bristol, IN a couple years ago.

This is the Sport Rhythm, not just plain Rhythm, so maybe they just recycled the name, sort of.

It is a recycled…
name. This boat is not at all like the “fitness” boat that Perception was selling a couple of years back.

The fitness boat is what I’m remembering

reminiscent of

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a Wilderness Cape Horn 140, but those had more squarish hatches

on 2nd thought, I'm pretty sure it's a relabeled Dagger Specter 14.0

maybe Flatpick will see this and ID it!

I think you’re right…
it does look like the Specter 14.


Yep. I remember a no frills
fitness boat, without much in the way of storage. I think they made them under the names Rhythm and Cadence.

yep (nm)