Recomend a good inexpensive kayak paddle

A co worker has a new rec kayak and asked my advice about a paddle. He will be paddling ponds and quiet rivers. I hate to see him struggle with a heavy plastic beast but he doesn’t want to spend too much for something he may not use much.

If he was asking about canoe paddles I’d recommend a Bending Branches Traveler or something like.

Any thoughts on comparable kayak paddles?

Aquabond Sting Ray on sale?
They can show up on sale for $130 - $150 if someone is aggressive about looking. Got one for each of my sister and her husband to use with their Otters and they love them. They’d been struggling with crappola heavy paddles that were killing their wrists.

Our paddling club bought a number of these Ty Warp paddles from Harmony Gear. In fact, a few years back I bought one from Ken Kastorff for myself:

It is primarily a whitewater paddle and non take apart, but could certainly be used for a rec kayak if a 202 cm long paddle is long enough and a 45 degree offset is OK.

Foxworx has one of their Splash paddle blems on sale for $89 plus $15 shipping and handling. This is 230 cm TAP that can be set up unfeathered or at a 60 degree offset left or right hand control:

I was going to mention Aqua Bound as well.

Good paddles are expensive.

Werner Sprite

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designed for kids but a decent paddle
about $85

Second the Aquabound Sting Ray
We have them for our rec boats. Try the Sting Ray Hybrid, carbon shaft, abx blade. I think they run around $130 regular price.

AquaBound Manta Ray?
$110. AquaBound makes good paddles.

Make A GP, Why don’t Ya?
Minimum cost ($15.00 for red cedar ), minimum effort (a day’s work), minimum tools (hand plane), free plans (Google GP plans), absolutely dandy paddles.

Bending Branches has the advantage
that they don’t break.

A newbie wants to use his rec kayak,
not whittle for weeks.

another vote for aquabound
AB is now owned by Bending Branches by the way.

Check out Onno Bargain Bin
$165 for the best paddle made in USA.

Ha Ha
I knew the GP thing would appear. funny.

I use a GP but actually think newbees should use a regular unfeathered paddle until they get the feel for it all.

Feel Free Tourer
FG Shaft, button style ferrule, nylon blades, reg. $90. Some on sale at eBay!.

Not a bad paddle for the $.

Nicer would be a Werner Skagit CF but it doubles the price.

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another vote for the Sting Ray Hybrid
I bought a Sting Ray Hybrid as a spare and to allow friends to join me on the water and I’m impressed with it for the price. Nice feel and very smooth through the water (better than my Kalliste) but obviously heavier than the Werner. I think the AB Sting Ray Hybrid is a great value for the more casual rec user that isn’t ready to sink a lot of money into a high end paddle.

Aquabound Stingray
carbon shaft - not terribly costly but pretty sturdy and reasonably light. It’s my go to paddle if I need one other than my Beale GP most often. For a fair amount of $ more I also have a Bending Branches (now also under Aquabound) adjustable ferrule with a twilite blade (smallest euro blade i could find)

You might want to look at the Bending Branch line. I have a Slice and it has stood the test of time well. They run anywhere from 80 to 140 buck if you look around.

Hours, Not Weeks…
…is what it takes to carve a decent GP with minimal skills and tools. The original poster asked for advice re a good, inexpensive paddle - a GP fits those criteria to a T. Unless, of course, you’re too lazy, ego-driven and color-coordinated to be caught using something without a brands name on it.

I’ve never had the opportunity to paddle with a GP, although I’d like to, but I’ve often thought that paddling a rec yak with a GP might be like trying to paddle a brick with a toothpick.

another vote for AB stingray
My spare paddle on deck. Shop ebay and you may get an even better deal.