Recommed protected water paddle Bath ME

I’ll be renting a place down from Bath on the water. Can anyone recommend some nice protected calm water paddling in the area? Salt or Fresh. Day trips.

RobinHood Cove

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has minimal tidal currents and protected waters. Its on Georgetown Island across the Kennebec

Merrymeeting Bay just upriver from Bath on the Kennebec nd Androscoggin is another great protected area.

Also excellent launch in West Bath at the New Meadows River. That area is quite protected.

Sorry I am not home to paddle with you.

Two ideas
Brunswick, route 24 south: If you drive down that road toward Orrs and Bailey Islands you will see several coves on each side of the road. I haven’t paddled these but they look calm and protected and tempting. There is at least one beach where you could launch that’s visible from the road.

Brunswick, Mere Point Road: There’s a launch on the east side of the neck onto Merepoint Bay. The time I was there it started out calm and conditions changed quickly as the wind picked up.

If you feel like making a long drive inland, the Belgrade Lakes area is nice.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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We are staying in a place on Birch Point with a view to the west looking at Long Island. The weather has been amazing. Very light winds, cool nights and warm days. No fog. No humidity. Perfect. As you may know I am a lifelong paddler but I am brand new to kayaking and this could not be a better introduction to salt water paddling. Water temperatures in this area are fairly non-threatening. We have been having a wonderful time poking around the point etc. This AM we did a short crossing to long island and then paddled north a few miles on New Meadows river, gorgeous. We may try your suggestions in the coming days but there is quite a lot of exploring to be done right here outside our door.

I am really digging this whole sea kayaking thing. Reminds me of my childhood days sailing on Long Island Sound. I miss the salt water and I almost feel like I am back home here. One last thing - I am thrilled with my new Lumpy GP. I don't think you'll be seeing a euro blade in my hands much anymore. This thing feels completely natural and intuitive in my hands. I still have a lot to learn but this week is motivating me even more than I already was. I should also say that I am extremely pleased with my WS Zephyr as a first Kayak for a guy like me. I find it fits me very well, and given my ever expanding dimensions that's saying something, and while it is a loose boat (which I appreciate) it moves along very well from my perspective, (I still am amazed by how well these boats move along compared to open canoes).

Robin Hood Cove
Checked out Robin Hood Cove today. Very nice and very protected water. We had a great paddle. Thanks for the suggestion.

Lucky weather!
It’s been idyllic for several days. That doesn’t happen very often, and it follows on the heels of a hot, humid summer. Glad you’re enjoying your trip.

Where did you launch on Robin Hood Cove?

Robin Hood Cove Launch

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We launched at Todd's Landing. After getting permission.

Yes the weather has been incredible. Sometimes you luck out. We have paid our dues though over the years.

Most of our little day trips have been right outside our cottage. Not as protected as the area we paddled on Robin Hood cove but fine for us in this weather. Lots of working Lobster boats which has been fun for us to watch.