recommemd a good kayak to scuba from

can anybody recommend a good kayak to scuba dive from? Looking for a stable platform that I don’t have to modify too much. Ideas anybody?

Your Size, Equipment Load, Skill Level…
how far out, sea conditions, etc… all impact what would “work” for you…


Self-bailing sit on top type
will probably be best for your needs. Some of the fishing oriented sit on tops might work well as they also provide some storage wells. Check out Wilderness Systems Tarpon series, among others.

I think the Bic Scapa would be good as a scuba platform. I had one for a while, and the rear cargo well would hold scuba gear - it should be fairly easy for reboarding. Also, the Bic that’s currently in the sweepstakes might be good, with the equipment occupying the 2nd seat - even as a tandem it’s shorter than the Scapa. The Bic I had was well made and a fairly clean design, unlike most plastic SOT which I find pretty ugly and cluttered.

I’ve daydreamed…
about making a kayak catamaran for scuba.

Two full size kayaks, two padlers, an aluminum frame tieing them together, with a nylon “deck” for a gear/dive platform inbetween the two. Narrow as possible to be useful, and to keep enough distance for paddling.

Easy on shore assembly.

I suspect it would be the worst handling divorce boat on the water, but with rudders, maybe possible.

But I’m far too lazy to actually build it.


That is 2 Kruger’s Tom. Can be had in
that configuration for 10 Grand plus. You can get sails too.

It doesn’t surprise…
me that someone less lazy got there first. But 10 grand?



Yeah, I managed to forget that I am building a SOF catamaran kayak that will probably be a good scuba platform. It’s meant to be a swimmer escort and rescue boat, but the cargo platform would be a natural for scuba gear - thanks for the idea. Another p-net poster (griffin800) happens to be working on a cat as well - his is sleeker and will be lighter and faster and probably done first - mine will be cargo and multi-purpose oriented, i.e. heavier and slower. If I ever get it finished and in the water, I’ll post pics…


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what my dive friends favor...

Even though discontinued, they can be found on eBay in the $500. range delivered. I have see this yak and it appears to be very well made.

Also listed on Amazon:

Cobra Fish 'n Dive NM

thanks to all
Thanks to all for your advice. I like the sevylor, and the bic. I’ve liked both and have been intrigued about the bic for some time.