Recommend a 10' Kayak for fishing

Looking for some experienced comments on a good, stable, 10 foot kayak for playing in the river and sometimes fishing. I like the Pamlico 100 so far. ME…5’10" 200lbs…solid muscle.

Thanks in adavance

Necky Manitou
I’m a lake fisherman and love my Necky Manitou which I’ve had for 3 years now. Not as stable initially as some of the yaks built specifically for fishing but after a couple of trips feels steady as a rock. Also, excellent tracking and much easier to paddle than many of the wider yaks. I’ve had the Manitou out on the Gulf of Mexico in 2-3 foot seas. No problem. Even made good progress against the wind.

Why do you want a boat capable
of negligible forward speeds ? Try a Tarpon 100. Tarpons are designed for fishing.

Pamlico 100
is a nice kayak for smaller paddlers. At 200 pounds you should be looking at longer models. I’m 175# and pushing the weight limit on my 10 foot OT Loon. A Tarpon 120 would be worth looking at for your weight range. I have both and transport in pick-up bed with no problem.

tarpon 120
I wanted something that is light. In Wisconsin a SOT is not very practical. Cold water and colder air.

Good Point
I didn’t check your location before my reply. Skip the SOT and demo some of the Necky models. The Manitou Sport or even the Manitou 13 might work for you.

If you want light, check out the Hurricane Aquasports line. They have both Sots and sinks and average about 10 lbs lighter. Look better too.

There are some nice SOT’s that work.
Far superior to the Tarpon 100 are the Malibu Mini-X and Liquid Logic 10. For sit insides, the Necky Sky 9.5 is a good boat, as is the Heritage Fisherman 9.5. Of the two, the Heritage is the better fishing boat. Go a bit larger and you get the Old Town Loon 111, great for fishing and playing.

Dagger Blackwater 10.5…
I’m finding the Dagger Blackwater 10.5 a delightful boat to fish from. It’s flat bottom allows it to spin on a dime, it edges great, and with the skeg slightly down, it can almost keep up with my Hurrican Tampico (13.5 footer). It’s light at 44 lbs. and the bungees will hold two rods on the front deck.

There is
an angler specific version of the Dirigo that comes in 10, 12, and 14 foot lengths

My friend has a Dirigo 106, and it seems it would be very easy to fish from. WS also makes angler versions of the Pamlico and Pungo.

Best bet…go test paddle and see what you like. Good luck.

I’ve heard the Blackwater family
make great fishing craft, as well as fun day touring boats.

A cheap light 10’ kayak
I Thank everyone for the comments and good suggestions. I am trying to keep the cost down to less than $500. I can add rod holders, etc…later. Also not looking to take long trips or camp with it. Just fishing.

Heritage 9.5
I got the Heritage 9.5 Angler last year. Fast enough for fishing, pretty easy to paddle, super stabile. Floats in just about zero water. But the best part, this boat (I have two of them) seems to trigger fish to bite. Almost every fisherman I paddle past gets a strike when I get near. And it seems to work for the paddler too! I don’t know if it is the hull pressure, color(khaky), size or what. But these are the luckiest boats I have ever owned. (presently down to six boats). A friend I work with bought the SOT version called Redfish 10 and is having similar success.

But if fishing is priority 1, this is a fantastic boat, luck is already built in apparently. I weight in about 215 this week and can hold quite a bit of gear with me too without overloading.

Blackwater 10.5
As your criteria is a 10’ SIK for mostly river playing, sometimes fishing for a 200#er, I’d second the Blackwater 10.5. The ones I’ve paddled/fished out of were a little tight for my size 12 feet but still a great all-around boat for rivers/creeks.

Pamlico 100
I am leaning towards the Pamlico 100…its affordable at $425 (REI). Unless anyone knows of a cheaper place. I have the 145T and love that kayak. The sigle 10 footer has the same design.