Recommend a good hat

Here’s two
First: Kavu Chillba - Totlal ridiculous looking, but totally effective

Second: LL Bean Boater’s Hat - Nice wide brim, totally breathable.

Go for the real McCoy
That Kavu is truly weird, but for only $10 you can have the original item in real straw which should be a lot cooler - and its PC, as you can see from the models wearing it…


My wife yelled out while I was in the workshop vacuuming up shavings from making my Greenland Paddle. She wanted to snap a picture of a hat that would be perfect for your paddling. Here:

Fits your criteria of not a ball cap, and keeping sun off neck and ears and perfect for 9 degree weather.

AddenduM: Sorry, I misread your original post. You want a hat for 90 degree weather. I shave my head for 90 degree weather.

REI Outlet
REI’s outlet site has a bunch of hats on sale right now. Picked up a Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero there for $30 (reg.$48) recently. also had these in the same discontinued colors (red & gray, blue & black) at the same price. The “SeaSomb” is probably a little warm for summer use (mainly intended for rain wear), but I’ve also got a Mountain Hardwear Vented Sun Hat from Sierra Trading Post last year for $20 (half off). Similar brimmed design, but for warm weather use - much lighter material with mesh side panels.

Nice . . . .
I say “nice” with the same sarcasm you enjoyed. kurtvidal: What exactly is so funny about wanting to find a comfortable, durable hat to use to protect one from the sun’s UV (8-10 hours in the sun is a killer), rain, etc? Since the pink hard hat appears your favorite, can we get some pics to see how pretty you look in it?

Columbia booney…
I have and like my Columbia Booney. It is light weight and reasonably well ventulated. The brim is reinforced, but not stiff. So it is a little floppy, but can be rolled up and packed away. I do find any hat to be hot, but this is the coolest I’ve found. I too need something to keep the sun off for all day outdoor activities.

Campmor has them for ~$17, and I’ve seen then for about the same in my better local sporting goods store.

Second the Chilba!
My head gets very warm and this hat has excellent ventilation. Also keeps the sun and rain off. Looks goofy though.

Get a campmor catalog
They always have a good assortment of sun hats at reasonable prices. I bought a Columbia long-visored hat with “sheik shield” at sides and rear. It has a chin strap, a nice feature if there’s a breeze.

Now, that’s not what I generally use when paddling–hats are too hot for me most of the time. I use a visor to protect my eyes (with sunglasses). But Campmor always has a selection of suitable watersport hats, including ones with mesh side panels.

Gander mountain carries tillies?
or just other dorky looking hats?

dont take anything personally, I was just checkin out all the links to the hats on this thread and it gave me quite a chuckle as to what folks like. There’s nothin wrong w/wanting a good hat whether its black, brown and furry or hard and pink! To each his own i say!

No problem.
Still want to see pics of you in that pink one, though :wink:

Tilleys @ Gander Mountain
The GM in Indpls has a small display with about 40 Tilleys on it. I think I might have been off on the price earlier stated, but I know they’re at least $65 to $75. Little pricey for me, regardless of quality.

have a Tilley and am happy
especially since I wore it out a couple of years ago, sent it back to the factory and they shipped me a new one free of charge within 10 days.

Thinking of getting one they make - is a cap with a drop down neck protector. Forget what they call it.

Make sure that no matter what you get - wear it.