Recommend a good hat

I’d like to find a good hat to wear when kayaking or canoeing (I have and do both). Not a ball cap, as I want to protect the back of my neck and my ears from UV. I’d like a good Gilligan-type hat, but want one that breathes (I’m normally out when it’s 90+ degrees) and is water resistant as well. Oh yeah, and I don’t want to look like a complete screwball either. I’ve seen the high-end hats that Gander Mountain carries for $60-$80, and they’re just a little too large and goofy looking, besides way over-priced IMHO. Anyone have any other ideas?

Back Flaps
I don’t know what “goofy” means, but I often wear a “ball cap” and then tuck a bandana under the back so it hangs down to protect me neck and ears. I guess that might be a pretty good definition of goofy. :slight_smile: But there are commercially made ones like this one that might be more in line with what you want

or this The back flap will fold up so that it looks like a regular ball cap, too. That’s the route I’d go.

However, if you want you could go with the traditional Tilley Hat but those I associate more with canoeing.

second that
I’ve used a cap-with-flap for years and been happy with it.

Sunday Afternoons

I picked up one of these for $20 on clearance at REI.

an AAA+
i think the tilley is about as good as you can find - Orvis makes (or made) a short down slopeing (sp) brim hat with the brim covering 360 deg - sure is fun buying stuff for kayaking - i’m now on the hunt for a compass - stopped at the Ritchie plant yesterday, but they no longer have an outlet - a friend got their $70. plus for $35. a couple of years back -

have fun -

I got a combo deal, two boonie hats at for 12 bucks several years ago. They have 3" brims, not the 2" like on regular boonies. I threaded a small wire in the front of the brim to keep it stiff.

Still wearing the first. The second hat hasn’t even been worn yet.

I don’t think these are the same as mine, but the price is RIGHT!

This one


The Kokatat Seawester is very light, good visible color, keeps sun off of you, etc.

Watership Trading Companie
Been very pleased with their products. Very functional, stylish and I haven’t worn mine out yet. For me, that’s something.

See you on the water,


Hyde Park, NY

Kokatat Sunwester
I’ve had this hat for several years and have been very happy with it. It covers well and offers 40 SPF.

Village Hat Shop
This is a good online hat retailer - here’s a link to their sun hat section which has more than 80 hats:

They’re very good to deal with. I’m a hat-ophile and like to support specialized hat shops. I bought a Riverz Delta which is a nice poly-straw hat, very stylish. Pith helmet, anyone?

Check out everywhere
I have a great Timberland nylon, full brim, vented, snap sided hat. Got it at T.J. Maxx for maybe $15. I am not a big name brand guy, but I get the best at that store. I work there, so I see what great stuff we get, and I wish I could spread the word, so I keep it poping up in these kinds of threads.

I also wear a wide brimmed, felt fedora.

Used to wear a $7 white straw cowboy hat.

I have long hair so I can usually sufice with a ball cap, but I don’t like it.


Looked at Tilley
The Tilley is what Gander Mountain has. $80 is a bit ridiculous for my “cheaper-than-my-years” budget. Thanks for the Orvis lead though.

Wow! Thanks for all of the suggestions! Now, can someone tell me how to decide between all of the hats on these links?!!! Guess this one was a good topic . . . .

Check Columbia Sportswear

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here's a bunch for around $20

and the full line:

As a Tilley owner
I think you should buy a cheap camo boonie hat and then wear a bandana to keep the sun off your neck.

I’ve used a bucket hat
for years…Got it from campmore in a breathable material.

Sprayed it with that gor-tex rain stop and it’s held up for …years…

Under $10

This thread is killin me w/laughter!
I guess yakers & canoers are some real strange birds. So I’ll put in my 2 cents.

kurtvidal—cool link
but the color would major clash with my boat…

seriously on hats i would suggest when you get a paddling jacket make sure its got a hood…hard to loose or forget the hat then.

second on sunday afternoon

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I got my sunday afternoon hat at REI as well. Even full price I think it was 35 ish... but I am not sure. Once you get past the name (It makes me think of planting flowers) its a great hat! Oh.. I forgot to add.. it has a back flap that also rolls up and velcroes in place in case you want to burn your neck!