Recommend a greenland paddle please

So, I was just thinking of picking up a greenland paddle to play around with. I have no clue what to look for or how to size one up. Could you please recommend a good brand paddle. Also, how does one typically size a greenland paddle? I have a steep paddle angle so I paddle a 210 european paddle. I’m not sure how to size up for a greenland paddle as I am not sure if the paddle angle comes into consideration with this paddling style…

Don Beale
Has a paddle sizer on his site

Great guy to work with.
Bill is a great guy.

My recommendation
would be to make one for yourself if you have access to a saw, a block plane, and a random orbital or vibrating sander. Very minimal woodworking skills would be valuable too!

Detailed instructions are here:

I have just finished making my second. I just wish I had started using a Greenland paddle 6 years ago when I first got into paddling. I’ve got a total of $20 invested in both paddles.

If you’re not interested in making one, I can also recommend Don Beale’s paddles. A friend has three that I’ve used, two that Don made and one that he carved in one of Don’s paddle making classes. The one he carved in the class is my favorite.

Good Luck!


Novorca or Beale
Ron at Novorca makes some pretty amazing carbon and wood paddles at reasonable prices. I highly recommend them. A CAD model is created for each individual paddle and cut out with a special CNC machine guaranteeing complete uniformity.

Don Beale hand carves his paddles but they are among some of the best as well. Check out his excellent directions for sizing paddles…

Talk to Bill
He’ll make you a good one:

Beale - Delmarva
sign up for Delmarva and one of Don’s classes and you can make your own for about 65 bucks! Plus you get a weekend full of traditional paddling skills development.

Best deal on the planet