Recommend a kayak cart

I have a cart I am not happy with. The tires are narrow and love to bury in sand or hang on roots and rocks.

I think one with inflatable tires would be better.

Also , my boats are SOT and I see several that are made specifically for them.

PlS recommend . Thanks.

Hi Jim
We got a Wheeleeze for the big 100 pound tandem, and are quite happy with it. They have several models and we got the one with the foam in the tires which I like since we never have to bother putting air in them.

jack L

self built or bought?
You are plenty talented to build one. Simple and effective designs abound from PVC and wheels from Northern Tool/garage/Goodwill. I have an Ekla model with wide, 10 inch wheels I like. Julie made her own. I read good things about the C-Tugs.

Big tires seem to be the only
way to go with sand and they’re not cheap. I keep looking and trying to think of an alternative, but I haven’t seen/thought of anything yet. I did see a cart on the beach once that had small wheels and skis. When they were on the blacktop, the wheels rolled and when they got to the sand the wheels sank and the skis took the load. I watched and it seemed to work well on the sand. Didn’t see how it worked on the blacktop.

Be careful with those SOT specific carts. A lot of them run posts up into the scupper holes and there have been a few reports of damage to the scupper holes.

I like the big fat low inflation tires
On the wheeleez. The down side is they take up a lot of room if packed in a kayak for a long camping trip. I also have a ctug I bought used recently. I really like the way it breaks down, and it is rated to haul 300 pounds. I find that the standard wheels tend to bog down in soft mud, but over all am well pleased. They have a solid wheel option with a larger surface area, that should do well on the soft stuff.

Oh yeah thanks
For putting me in touch with Ralph. I ended up buying the damaged MR Kevlar Explorer for $500 and Ralph did a good job repairing it. It ain’t as pretty as when it was new, but then I didn’t have him replace the bent rails just straighten them best he could. The gel coat and glass work was well done.

Look at canoe carts
Pricier yes, but also bigger wheels and a broader platform.

You’re welcome. Ralph has repaired
boats for several p.nutters and does a good job.

Jack, the Wheeleze is the one that looks

I’m fairly happy with my C-Tug. I would never pay $175 for a new one—mine came for free with a kayak I bought. Goes over irregular ground and rocks well.

The best thing is that if you get the C-Tug as close as possible to the center of the kayak, transport is almost effortless. I have loaded my kayak with probably 100 lbs of gear right next to my car and pulled it to the launch—rather than making multiple trips back and forth carrying gear from car to launch. This is incredibly convenient.

A plague on Paddle Boy. I hate those things. Caused damage to my kayak. A Paddle Boy is placed quite close to the stern, making a loaded kayak VERY heavy to pull any distance.

Paddle Boy is what I have now.
Not good except on smooth pavement.

Have a bunch of carts
The paddleboy large is good for pavement but useless at a sandy beach. We finally bought the big wheeled sot wheeleez and it works just as it should on sandy beaches! Worth the $$$

Camel Trolley
by Feel Free Kayaks might be a good combination of both. Perhaps not for all sand but moves well on hard surfaces as well as gravel. Unique articulation to it adjusts to most anything.

See you on the water,


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Hyde Park, NY

A Great Kart
Checkout the kart from Paddle Logic. You ncan find reviews on P-Net