Recommend a kayak for a beginner

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Im from louisiana and looking for a good kayak for boating in the surrounding lakes and few rivers. I hope paddling will become another fun weekend hobby.... but im also looking to get some training done, because I might be doing some adventures races. Im 6 feet tall and weigh about 170lbs. I don't want to spend over $1,000(cheaper the better, but still want a good boat) and want something that I won't grow out of in a couple of months.

I don't know where to really start, other than I would more than likley want a sit in kayak. I tried calling some of the local parks, but all they have is just regular canoes for rent. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

PS: If anyone is from the shreveport/bossier area and would like to meet up in the future for boating/training, let me know.

Go with your goals
If you want to compete in adventure races, check out the boats the people have won those races were paddling in.

As a beginner
do you really want to start with a racing boat? They tend to be long, narrow and tippy.

That might be why you haven’t gotten more responses. Only a few people would know about racing boats, and the “beginner” topics probably don’t draw their attention.

Might want to start a topic with “adventure racing” in the subject line, or possibly re-think what you want as a starter boat.

Just some suggestions… trying to be helpful here.

you are going to have to spend alot more than 1000 dollars on a racing boat.

I don’t think so.
Adventure races are done in pretty standard boats, at least if I understand the type of event you are involved in.

agree with seadart
and not sure I undedrstand the responses from the others. Adventure race boats span the gamut of boats from covered canoes to plastic.

Look at whet the others are using to participate and start with that. You will, with patience, definitely find something that will not only allow you to train, but will push your limits a bit. You will not find THE boat at first but as your skills improve you will get closer and closer.


I stand corrected
I had no idea what an “adventure race” was (still don’t, and I’d research them except I have no interest). However, it’s interesting to know that they’re done in all kinds of boats because when I hear “race” I tend to think of, well, what I said - long, narrow, tippy.

So I learned something today on p-net!

adventure racing kayaks
I had been thinking of asking for similar suggestions. I was too far towards the back of the pack at my first two adventure racers, and I had a teammate so I was in a canoe, but since the teammate moved to another state, I will switch to the solo category and was wondering what kayak would be good for slow moving rivers (SE Michigan) with the odd log to run over or the beaver dam to get around, but something that wouldn’t be frightfully slow if there was a stint on open water.

Looking at the pictures from one of the race, it seems like 14-17’ poly boats are used. In the last race, the water narrowed such that a fishtailing canoe could touch both banks. One guy I spoke with said that the 17’ glass boat he ran was a bit much for that one. I don’t know much about kayaks, and the demos I’ve been to thus far have been a bit more rec oriented. I wondered if something like a Tsunami 140 would be a good choice, not too long for the cozy stuff, but maybe a bit faster than something shorter? Either that or I just like the seat and thigh brace positions. 6’1", 190 lbs. I’m not expecting to win, so uber-performance is not as important as not being worried about dings and scuffs.

Im kind of in the same position…
Im kind of in the same position. Im not going to win first and thats not even my goal.

I have been looking at either Tsunami 145 or 125. I have been calling around to the local parks/etc and nobody around here rents kayaks…hopefully I can find someone that has some kayaks for me to try out before I buy.