Recommend camping food

Going to do my first camping kayak adventure this summer. Looking for light weight food suggestions. Dehydrated food? canned food? small plastic container food? Spicy is fine. I cant eat any seafood so no I cant fish for food. Food for maybe 4 days BUT I could get stuck on an Island from heavy winds so need to take a few extra days of food just in case. I will have no problem with clean filtered water and have a gas stove for heat.

So whats half way decent tasting and light and small enough to take for a planned 4 days but at least 3 days extra food.Useing a NDK Greenlander pro kayak which is decent size storage ability.

Carrying water or available at campsite?
This might matter to what food will work best.

For only 4 days. you can take some fresh food.

Things like broccoli, carrots and other hard veggies do well with no refrigeration and make a good stir fry. DONT take them in plastic bags, put them in a mesh or cloth bag and let them breathe.

Other ideas: precooked foil pouch chicken, a can of coconut milk and curry fixings.

tortillas, peppers, beans cheese

Trader Joes foil pouch Indian meals and rice.

Trader joes gnocci and pesto.

We had from scratch pizza (including dough rising in a ziploc in the sun) a couple of years ago.

greatest camp food
Ramen with cayenne pepper.

Summer sausage in Zatarans red beans and rice.

Ryan L.

Freeze dried meals
Mountain house or just the super market’s own brand.

We put our emphasis on paddling and exploring and eating comes last.

There is a great selection of freeze dried meals, and they are not ony delicious but also nutricious.

Next to nothing on the weight adder

jack L


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some Pesto pasta
Knors pesto {dried packet from grocery store}
Tri color rotinni
dried mushrooms
sun dried tomatoes
garlic stuffed olives {YUM YUM}
olive oil
fresh grated Parm. cheese

Peta pizza

Black beans and rice....comes in a dried all in one sealed bag...look in the mex food isle at the grocery store.

Best Wishes

Freeze dried and supermarket
I enjoy cooking, but not on camping trips, so I tend to keep it simple. It’s easy to find foods that taste good and provides the proper nutrition in either prepackaged foods like chicken and tuna and freeze dried foods. Pepperoni and similar meats hold up well and is a nice fatty treat after a long day of paddling.

I keep a jar of peanut butter (chunky), jar of jelly and a plastic spoon in my day hatch. Provides a nice energy boost,even on the water, and tastes good. Plastic jars are best.

Oranges and snicker bars (snack size) are a nice treat too.
Has recipes premix ingredients at home, in camp add pack of chicken and boiling water. Wrap in a jacket for a few minutes eat from bag and wash spoon.

Also flavored instant mashed potatoes, add 1/4 cup bacon bits, powdered butter, chicken bullion. In camp add chicken and boiling water. Try these at home and tweak the ingredients to your taste.

Bullion adds flavor but makes it salty try the low salt stuff.


One word…

Thanks for the ideas
Thanks for the ideas.

As far as water I will filter water as I go so water wont be a problem as camp will be write by the water.

for cooking i use to take a propane grill for the group but then we had to take an extra cooler and pretty much eat burgers, brats, and steaks every night. not bad but in the morning we also had sausage patties and bacon. still not bad. BUT towards the 3rd and starting the 4th day out food starts getting soggie in the cooler even when repacked with ice and all that alchohal mixed with all that grease did make your stomach upset.

now we all take freeze dried prepared things and we all bought little stoves. i bought the jetboil and love it. sets up easier than most and is quicker. now instead of a heavy large cooler just a dry bag with plenty. they have more than you expect in one so you dont have to buy alot. we now also have plenty more space for drinks so its a win win.

one night a trip though we do bring foil and some meats and campfire cook though. there are lots of options just need to try and see what you like.

Cache Lake - A cut above
This is a small supplier that put out prepared dry food meals that are a cut above the typical stuff you find on the market. Preparation generally requires a little bit more than boil water and poor in pouch - but not much and well worth it.

Another vote fot the jetboil
I have one that I use on multi night backpacking trips with pre-made dehydrated meals. The meals are light, small, don’t require ice and a cooler, waterproof, and packed with calories. For a trip with that many nights I’d probably go that route. You’d be able to pack extra food with no issue and would only need to bring extra water.

cooking or ?
“cooking” or just boiling water makes a difference in what you bring. I just boil water, so I bring freeze dried dinners, cup-a-soup, and instant oatmeal and instant coffee. I don’t want to spend much time cooking or waiting for food to cook, for that matter, and I really don’t want o t be spending my time washing out pots and dishes - nicest thing about fz dried is you cook in the pouch and eat out of it, then just put it in the trash bag.

it also depends on the stove you will be using - some stoves are easier to “cook” on than others - i.e. some are best for just boiling water, some are not very stable with large pots

peanut butter sandwiches will work for a couple of days, along with apples or oranges or plums

lunch stuff is easiest - “granola bars” kind of stuff, maybe some dried apricots, a candy bar; summer sausage and pepperoni all work without cooking at all

if you aren’t going to be portaging, canned food is perfectly fine - Dinty Moore beef stew, Chef Boy Ar Dee ravioli, canned chili, Progresso soups - look for the pop top cans, so you don’t have to remember to pack the can opener - just heat and eat stuff, no cooking, but still have the cleanup chores

Looking for light weight food suggestion
"Looking for light weight food suggestions. "

The Indian food idea sounds great; after several days on freeze-dried lamb vindaloo… YOU will weigh less. Bring extra TP.

#2 is outstanding
Sometimes I can’t even wait to add the sausage.

thank you. This looks good