Recommend skirt for explorer LV

Shopping for a spray skirt for a NDK Explorer LV. Bought a Seals for the HV, but the website says they have to custom make the LV. Could anyone recommend a good skirt that will fit the LV?



Skirt for ExplorerLV
I had an ExplorerLV and had a custom skirt made by Snapdragon because of the distinct shape of the coaming. My understanding, after talking with the Seals rep, was that Seals would have had to do the same

However, others may have had another experience.

What may fit without having something done custom is the XS skirt made by Reed. The only drawback that I found was that the skirt I used didn’t have a neoprene tunnel and thus I would end up with water in my boat BUT only if I’d been practicing a lot of rolling.

Again,others might have a different take on this.

SnapDragon makes one, stock
When I bought an Explorer LV (2008), I got a SnapDragon skirt made for that cockpit. No need to custom-order it.

I also was able to get a stock SnapDragon skirt for my Pilgrim Expedition, whose cockpit is also small but different from the LV’s.

Reed or IR
I use a Reed Aquatherm or IR Shockwave on mine, depending on the type of paddling I’m doing. Both are available to fit the LV. You can get the Reed from Ed at Virginia Sea Kayak Center:

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Need extra small deck
Any of the above are fine, but odds are you will have to call someone and ask for it because they won’t be sitting on the shelf.

2004 ExplorerLV
I probably should have noted that my ExplorerLV was a 2004 model, which may explain why the skirt was custom at the time. I also had to do the same for my 2003 RomanyLV.

It’s nice to see that Snapdragon, which I use on all of my boats, caught up with the smaller cockpit on the ExplorerLV and now the Pilgrim.

Seal Custom skirt…