Recommendaions for Florida Chart Book?

I am looking for a good chart book of the west coast of Florida, hopefully something similar to what ADC publishes for the Chesapeake Bay, or GMCO publishes for the Carolinas. My wish list of features:

  1. Waterproof paper.
  2. Covers all of the west coast of Florida, including the Keys.
  3. In Book (spiralbound) form.

    Any good suggestions?


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There are several guide books from Barnes and Noble. Burnham’s is the chart book.

You need coordination with NOAA Tides and Currents online and NOAA Weather online for wind direction. Sea kayaking in 10 knots and higher uses the kayak hull as a sail. The technique combines small craft sailing/navigation with kayak skills.

Try LOCAL WEATHER OFFICE links on right, OBSERVATIONS then MARINE leading to

If available, MESO forecast observations on the left links column from a main page at NOAA NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE.

Florida State maps may not represent all best routings. Using a Garmin GPS with Garmin’s Marine Charts programmed from a PC coordinated with NOAA and/or Weather Underground is a significant elevation of skills integrated into effective navigation.

For an example of use ages, see FLAMINGO TO LONG KEY in this message group.

Pick your chart and print it out.

I don’t believe what you want exists
I deleted my other post, because some one was posting bad information under it.

Jack L

I believe JackL is right,
but you can contact FPTA and ask. They should know if anyone does, and besides, they’re great folks!

Hope this helps!


Perry-Castenada ?

removing information is extremely bad manners, counter productive