Recommendation: Class 0-1.5, 3-day trip in Maine?

Hi All,

Family all booked time off to do the Delaware Water Gap, but temperatures are going to crest 100; too much to have the kids sit in the sun all day.

We are hoping to save the week by heading to Maine, where it’s going to be in the 70s and 80s. Also hoping that you might have recommendations for a 30 to 40 mile paddle anywhere in Maine that doesn’t require reservations. (We’re experienced campers and flat water canoeists; just learning river tripping).



Found this:

But still love advice… Thanks!

I think we found it. Roll Dam to Umbazookus Creek on the Upper West Branch of the Penobscot River.

Future readers with the same question can see here:

I’d put in at Lobster and paddle up to the lake of the same name and take two days camping there then run down to Chesuncook Village
We’ll do a similar trip to Rip Dam and take five days on August

Lobster is gorgeous and all sites have beaches
Going Seboomook to Umbazooksus means you’ll spend a lot of time setting up a shuttle Also commits you to a two mile open water crossing which is fine if you can wait for Chesuncook to be calm. It’s notorious for heavy waves 2-3 feet

Great info from previous post…especially regarding campsites along the river. If one has a copy of DeLorme’s Maine Atlas & Gazateer and wants a little more info on campsites…NMW has more campsite listings(obtainable/maint under them of course) on their website…fwiw. Sorry I didn’t see your original post earlier.

Hi, this is Rena. I recognize some of your handles! I live in Wisconsin and will be in Maine at the end of August, in Blue Hill (across the bay from Mt Desert Island). I’d love to paddle, either canoe or kayak, which I’d have to rent since I’m flying. Any suggestions of how to meet people?