Recommendation on best wood kit kayak

Considering a model by CLC or Pygmy. Need to keep it under 15 feet and $1000.00. Want some speed.[Have to beat all the plastic boats] Under 15 feet should be easier to haul around.

Went to a CLC Demo Recently.
If you’ll abandon the length restriction the Pax 18 was the nicest handling boat at the demo… in my humble opinion. I really wanted to like the Shearwater but I didn’t.

I’m 5’9" and about 165 pounds.

under 15’, fast,

Do you understand it’s not possible to give a recomendation without knowing your size/height since many “kayaks” in that range are for lighter people

what were the conditons?
did you get it in waves? The skeg doesn’t exactly have a function, the Pax18 doesn’t weathercock at all,yet it has a skeg.

Arctic Tern 14
if it fits you. Must be 6 foot or less with size 11 feet or smaller. Don’t know the weight capacity. Most boats that short will be wider, and slower.

Light Breeze on a Big Lake
The conditions were pretty sedate. I was impressed with how well it turned. To look at I thought it would be too ‘tracky’. It had a nice low rear deck and the front deck wasn’t too high. It rolled nicely considering it hadn’t been padded anywhere. I really wanted to like the Shearwater but it felt like too much volume. I felt like I was sitting on a bobber and the rear deck was a little higher than I would have liked.

it turned?
it’s got very little rocker any amount of leaning puts the sheer under water. I always thought of it as a hard tracking boat,mabye it was my weight.

If you paddle in 12" waves you’ll have green water 1/2 way over the deck.

Under 15 Feet?

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Pygmy Arctic Tern 14 hands down. One of the sweetest boats I have paddled. I've been though a lot of boats and this one is a keeper. I'm 5'11, 180lbs, size 10 foot and it's just fine. Mine is 34 lbs.

See profile..
See "This is The Sea" (#1)

Yes, I Was Really Surprised.
I thought it would track like an Outer Island. Not so.

I wonder

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how that boat would fit me, I'm 6'2" and 180lbs.

Anyway, I have been studying kit boats and just finished watching the CLC DVD. From what I have seen and heard, I would recommend The Chesapeake 14.

Of course I have not actually paddled it, so don't take my advice too seriously.

it’s a funny boat
It’s got a conventional big 17"x31" coaming. Supposedly it’s a kayak for small people but the keyhole thigh braces don’t fit the size of person it’s designed for.

Think about that for a moment. It’s kind of a fundamental boo boo.

If you’re 5’2" and try to outfit it for rolling your thighs will be splayed out quite a bit.

It’s got 3mm deck and side panels but it’s not that light compared to other s&g kayaks that size that use all 4mm plywood. For small person kayaks the Shearwater 14 or Pygmys Osprey 13 are better designs.

" I selected this for my nine-year-old daughter (or rather she selected it from the showroom floor and I acquiesced) and she has had a great time in it. It fits her and her friends very well, but the smaller adults who tried it had a difficult time getting in and fitted."

Definitely stick with a multichine

My experience has been the hard chine seem to ride higher in the water.

On the water over the deck in swell/chop, there are several low deck designs paddled on the upper niagara and eastern end of lake erie in some fair wave action and those boats seem to fair better than the ones with lots of freeboard.

If you don’t need the volumn,by all means, steer clear of boats touting it.

2 of my paddling friends have Artic
Terns, one regular and one High.I have paddled the High, and if I could stand a kayak, it would be the one. Looks a bit like a coffin though.

I’ve seen 2 Cohos and they are also very good boats. A guy bigger than you paddles one.

Call Pygmy and ask their recommendation.

What happened to Hitide?

Artic Tern

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Don't know where you are located, but there is a Arctic Tern HV for sale ($900) on the Rhode Island Canoe and Kayak Association site (RICKA)


sorry for the spelling

Not Artic…

Wood Kayak Kit
Weight is 185 6’2" Size 12 feet.

Ospray Standard
Called Pygmy, and after descibing my weight, use conditions etc, they recommend the Ospray Standard. Anyone got one of those to report on?

Osprey Standard
hands down

don’t have one
paddled one. Very firm tracking, very efficient, big for average sized person, perfect for your size if you like a roomy and stable kayak, if you have the motor you’ll keep up with anyone and pass most if that’s important.

If you cut 1 1/2" off the bow it’ll be 15’6 1/2".

Most kayaks have significant overhangs so this one will feel like a 18’ kayak.

Efficiency is important because it’s what enables you to paddle at an average pace for a long time.

It’s stable enough that if you didn’t know how to roll it’s not a liability but you need to build in the thigh braces to make rolling easier.

Pretty sure if you paddled it next to a Tempest 170 or Chatham 17 you could go faster in the OS.

You won’t get your feet into a Tern 14.