Two questions. First, I’m 6 ft 230. I am looking for a recommdation on a kayak that will accommodate my size. I anticipate kayaking on lakes, flat water, moderate rivers. Second, recommendation on where the best place is to look for a used kayak. I would prefer to buy used and get a bit more for my money.



Take a look at the Remix XP10 made
by Liquid Logic. Not fast on the lakes but a good river cruiser that can handle serious rapids.

As for used kayaks, the Classified Ads on pnet are an excellent place to see a range of kayak offerings, from sea kayaks to whitewater kayaks.

Look for boats 12.5-15 feet long
With 24-26 inch beams. Wilderness Systems Tsunami line would be a good place to start. Check pnet classified and your local Craigslist.

The SOTs are good
I’m 6’1" and paddle a Torrent in whitewater and a Manta Ray 14 for most everything else. Lean towards 14 to 16 foot for getting into big water or long trips. Many of those will handle light whitewater.


sources for used boats
where are you located?

the Classifieds right here at are

chock full of good used deals. I’ve bought two

boats and sold an Epic paddle listing here, all

great experiences.

craigslist is good. Search nearby states too if

the drive is reasonable.

Other good pickin’s at moving sales, liveries, demos at paddle shops. The latter may still have some leftover models from other years that will be new or like new and priced to leave. I have bought two new boats for 40% off MSRP this way.

Boats in the 13-15 foot range s/be good for a big guy like you.

Here are some 15 foot choices, both in rotomould:

P&H Easky

Dagger Specter

Other good plastic boats, easily found:

Cayuga 140 by Old Town

Manitou 14 by Necky (my personal fave of this group)

Carolina 140 by Perception

these models come in 12 footers also (Manitou in 13)

Boats which are a little simpler, wider and more recreational but great for easy paddling (and it’s all about recreation anyways)

Pamlico 120 and 140

Pungo 120 and 140

fishing SOTs by NativeCraft and Hurricane Aquasports

come in 12 and 14 foot lengths. Wilderness Systems makes the Tarpon series in these sizes.

In lightweight but strong thermoformed plastic, Hurricane AS also made a model called the Palmetto, it went 12’ somethin’ and had an optional rudder.They discontinued it a few seasons back. Great boat for

hauling gear and larger paddlers.

In certain parts of the country there are plastic boats by Current Designs that should fit your bill.

Kestrel series - 120 and 140

CD Breeze 13’6"

CD Whistler 14’6"

Kestrels can be found in roto and CD’s own TCS (their version of thermoformed plastic) The Breeze and Whistle are older designs w. one bulkhead - use float bags in the bow - and offered in rotomoulded plastic.

There are lots of choices out there! Be sure to get them on the water to check for YOUR best fit. Also have someone look at how the boat sits in the water. You don’t want a low waterline, allow room for

gear '-) Depending what you want to carry, or if camping appeals to you, you may want to move up to

a 14-15 foot boat…

what they said
P net classifieds, craigslist, ebay. In fact there is a stunningly beautiful nordkapp kevlar listed on ebay currently near chitown (you’ve gotta work harder at this CD1!).

Also check local demo days, sometimes you can strike a deal on a demo boat.

I applaud you for going this route, it makes sense on so many levels:


$$$. Minimizing the investment into your first boat - literally and figuratively. You may find you want something different, faster, more playful, etc., etc.

Getting a sense of the used boat market.

that kevlar Nord
I’ve seen that listing, gorgeous boat. It is so

beautiful and of such obvious quality I don’t even mind the shimmering green color '-)

Me thinks it is that ocean cockpit

that intimidates a portion of the market.

Someone will want that boat…

p.s. while we on the eBay topic what about that

minty white over white Caribou that’s listed there as well as on (MN) Belonged to 70 yr. old woman who paddled it a half dozen times, like the car driven by the little old lady on Sundays…

sorry OP to hijack thread, but even this is a good illustration of the deals to be found…