Recommendations 4 woman's play/river run

I have found very few reviews or boats made for women WW paddlers. I’ve found the Wavesport siren, but few reviews. Can anyone tell me what they think about the siren and also recommend other boats for a 140 lb beginner/intermediate woman in WW who wants mosty a downriver boat, but a little play?


I am having some difficulty
trying to understand what the gender has to do with finding the right white water kayak. Perhaps it is my ignorance, and because i am a guy that i don’t understand, so i apologize right up front. I fear i have put my foot solidly in my mouth and should we ever meet on the river you will remove my spray skirt. That’s one of the reasons i wear a PFD.Oh well, that’s me, no bad intentions met, just bad spelling.

I assume you are saying that because of your weight, you feel that their are limited boats for you. I am not familiar with the Siren but i have no problem with Wavesport. You are correct in reviewing your weight and matching that with the right boat for you. There are of course other factors to consider and you have narrowed them down to river running/playing.

Like you, i wanted a river runner/playboat and i went with the Big EZ. Around here the smaller version, EZ is very popular. A lot of other popular river runners/play boats I see are Riot Booster, Pyrahna, Perception and Dagger and Necky. I like the Bliss Stick from New Zealand, heck i want them all. I can say that i see few woman paddlers out there. Last week kayak surfing there was one woman in a necky bliss. A c1 lady i know paddles a Dagger Ultrafuge.

When i purchased i also comparred the weight of the boat and volume. I am finding that carrying something lighter is easier than a heavier.

On this site there is a pretty good product review that might help you. YOu might want to post your question to the Boater Talk website. Many others on this site have a lot more experience and technical advise will add their experience and you will find that helpful. Happy hunting and see downstream. So, i will go and remove my foot later…

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You can leave your skirt on. You gave me some good advice. I’ve been researching the Siren, EZ, Booster, & Inazone to see what the difference is. Wavesport markets the Siren as a kayak made for women (lower volume-lighter maybe?) and I’m trying to figure out if it has any advantage over the other boats. I did post on Boater Talk, too. Thanks for the info.

My wife is about your size.
She paddles a Booster 55 and is very pleased with it. You didn’t say how tall you are and what your inseam length and shoe size is so it is hard to judge whether the Siren is an appropriate boat. I know two women who paddle a siren. Both think highly of the boat but both are quite a bit smaller than you. I would definitely check to be sure you fit comfortably. If you want a Wave Sport boat then try both the EZ and Ace 4.7. The former is a better river runner and the latter is more playful. I see a lot of EZs on the river and only the occasional Ace. Eric Jackson, the former designer for Wavesport, has his own company now and is coming out with a new line of boats. Check out But my recommendation is the Booster. I have test paddled the EZ and the IZ 230 and neither comes close to the Booster for me. It handles better in most circumstances, it is faster (the EZ is very slow) and has, to my taste, the best outfitting available.

The Siren
is targetted as a playboat for smaller paddlers, generally females tend to be smaller. Playboats tend to have lower volume and slicier ends so you can submerge the bow or stern to initiate tricks. The newer, shorter playboats, however, compress the same volume into shorter boats. These tend to submerge and “pop” back in play features, allowing for aerials.

For river runner, you would actually go a little higher in volume so you don’t accidentally get caught in features like holes/waves. Rather you ride through them.

Your best bet is to go to the wavesport site and use the “fit” feature to find a boat that fits your weight and your desired paddling approach. Note the length and volume and then go here to the boat guide feature and do so side by side comparisons of similar size boats:

Make a short list of the boats in your desired category and go test them out if possible. Buy used – usually almost half the price – and realize that you’ll likely add on another boat in a year or two.


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Thanks for all of the great info. It has helped me naroow my search to 3 or 4 to try.

Forgot To Say…
forget the Siren. It’s very low volume. I am 140 lbs and got a Perception Shock as my first boat. The Shock is higher volume than the Siren. It was a handful to learn in. I was doing all kinds of inadvertant squirts and getting alot of combat roll practice. It is only recently that I can really use the boat with any degree of proficiency.


Yea the siren will be a playboat
For you… If thats what you are looking for. The booster will be a good River runner/playboat and I have only heard good things about them. While the Inazone will be a river runner. When you say a little play, do you mean surfing? Or cartweels and all that good stuff? BTW I have an EZ and its a great little boat…


Go to the below link

and click on “boat specs”. There’s a lot of information there. Sounds to me like the “EZ” would best fit the bill for “a 140 lb beginner/intermediate woman in WW who wants mosty a downriver boat, but a little play”

Good luck,


shock vs. siren - different boats
siren is not as slicy as the shock, so inadvertant squirts are less likely, so i wouldn’t completely write it off. i’d still give it a demo. also try looking at jackson kayaks. ej left wavesport to go it alone, and he is designing small boats for kids in addition to regular sized boats. check out the fun series.