Recommendations for a folding kayak

Hello! I’m currently researching folding kayaks. I live alone in an apartment and so I have nowhere to store a traditional kayak. A folding one would be perfect for me. However it’s hard to tell on a web site about fit. Here’s the issue: I’m 6’ 5", 250 lbs. So I need one that not only allows my 40" of leg (and size 13 feet) to fit comfortably, but also allows me to enter/exit with being a contortionist.

I came across the Oru, and was intrigued, but I read comments about people just a bit shorter than I am having difficulty fitting into one. The manufacturer confirmed that it would be too small.

So anyone out there with suggestions/recommendations? TIA


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You didn’t mention what kind of usage you had in mind or your price sensitivity which would help but anyway…

…Check out Folbot. They have a wide range of folders and I believe they also have a good rep. They have a kayak selector gizmo on their website.

And if you want top shelf, you will need to consider FeatherCraft out of British Columbia. They make very high end boats and I’ve talked with a couple of folks that have used them in extreme conditions with lots of gear on board.

Second vote for Folbot
We used to have a Greenland II - you could pack more stuff in it than Lewis and Clark carried. My husband (6 ft - 240 lbs) had no problem at all. Ours was a tandem, but you could check out their singles.

some suggestions

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I'm a longtime owner of folders (have had 5). I do have two manufacturers I suggest that you look at and some specific models.

First would be Pakboat. There are two potential models, one being the Puffin Saco or Saranac, which are more recreational style folders that can be used as an open boat or with the optional deck as a sit inside. They are primarily for streams and slow flow rivers and lakes. The larger and more rigid sit inside XT-15 or XT-17 can be used anywhere, including coastal waters. These are all spacious and comfortable boats with lots of leg room and very comfortable seats. They are also very light (as little as 20 lbs for the Saco -- I have an older model of that boat and it is amazingly light). The boats range in price from $900 to $1,700. I see you are in Florida so the open boat option in the Saco or Saranac might appeal to you more than a sit inside. These would also be a good choice for fishing. The Saco has a North American Fishing Club endorsement.

Another manufacturer is the top of the line Feathercraft. For your size the Big Kahuna is a versatile and comfortable kayak, with an oversized cockpit for larger paddlers. This boat runs around $3,000 new but used versions in excellent condition are often available. They also have an inflatable sit on top, the Java, which is around $2,200. These are extremely well constructed and durable, made in Vancouver, Canada.

Since they can be easily shipped, buying a used folder from another part of the country is pretty simple. I've bought 3 of mine used (2 Feathercrafts and a Pakboat) and all came in near perfect shape from their original owners. ONe of the big midwest dealers, Folding Kayak Adventures, has a large listing of classified ads for used Feathercrafts for sale.

There is also a website forum just for folding and inflatable boats, It has information on most all manufacturers, though it has far fewer participants than and you may wait days or weeks sometimes for responses. But you can check the archives for feedback on various models and there are links to the other manufacturers like Trak, Folbot, Klepper,