Recommendations for a light weight tande

I currently own an Old Town Penobscot 16 as my tandem boat. While I like the boat, I am interested in replacing it with a tandem that is lighter in weight. Primary use will be day trips and short (up to 1 week) trips on mostly flat water and occasionally moving water no more than class one. I would like to keep weight under 45#s so kevlar is definitely in the mix. Here are some boats I have considered: Wenonah Aurora, Wenonah Boundary Waters, Swift Algonquin 16, Bell Northstar.

Any recommendations from those who own one these boats or something similar would be appreciated.

Wenonah Spirit II.
We love ours and it would do all that you state you need in a boat. Quite stable and handles “tall water” pretty good as well.


Ranger Otter

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Nice boat.

Take a look at the Wenonah Jensen 17
I have a fleet of canoes including a Penobscot 16, and the Jensen 17 ultralight at 39 pounds is my favorite.



Swift Kipawa
It’s my favorite tandem for solo paddling (which was not on your list of criteria, but I’m just saying). Plenty of capacity for the paddling you describe, and a lot of fun to paddle.

– Mark

Mad River Malecite

Esquif Champlain
or Souris River Quetico

or Souris River trailhead Prospector

or Hellman Scout

or Hellman Kootenay

lite wgt tandem

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hi ..Boreal Designs makes a lite wgt. tandem kayak...14 footer.... called the " Oopik-duo" @ approx 40 lbs. it's the lightest i've seen for poly.

Bluewater Freedom 17. Fast, narrow
enough for occasional solo use, and turns easy enough for swamping or easy whitewater. Outstanding layups. Get the aluminum gunwales to meet your weight goal.

Besides being a butt boat, if it is only
40 pounds, it weighs less than it should for hullform integrity while paddling and for longevity. I have a 14’ 6" poly touring kayak that weighs close to 60 pounds, has the stiffening effect of a full deck and bulkhead, and it still has too flexible a bottom.

Interesting design philosophy. They
seem to have found a “secret” to using polyester resin, rather than vinylester or epoxy, for light hulls, even with Kevlar incorporated. Their price and weight are both low.

Past beliefs have held that polyester doesn’t work with Kevlar, and that polyester is prone to hydrolysis bubbling. I had a '73 MR Compatriot made with polyester, and it did develop many hydrolysis blisters in the gelcoat. Anyone curious about hydrolysis should find the discussion of blister repair on the West/Gougeon website. Given that some manufacturers, such as Wenonah, do not specifically claim to be using (hydrolysis resistant) vinylester, I assume they have found a polyester that does not blister and sticks well to Kevlar.

you may feel cramped in a 16

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footer for a week..dont know how you pack.. Some pack light others not.
SpiritII gives you room. The BW seems like a slug comparatively and the Aurora is a little high for a 16 footer..are you paddling big lakes?

The Aurora and the Algonquin 16 are fine general purpose boats but you may run out of room for more than weekend trips. They are also not the speediest in the stable but are quick accelerators.

Or not if you are a backpacker.

The Bell Northstar is a fast boat if you pack light

Give a Wenonah Escape a try

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If you will be traveling to try out some Wenonahs and other brands, try all the others and then you and your partner should try a Wenonah Escape. A better flatwater tripper than the Spirit 2; much faster (farther at the end of the day) then the others mentioned except for Jackl's Jensen 17; very good capacity; more comfortable for the bowman than a Minnesota II; and not that bad for maneuvering (but not as good at turning as the Spirit II.

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Bell Northstar
works great for me. My other oatt is a Penob 17 and the Northstar is half the weight and much faster. It also makes a realtively decent large solo if you install a kneeling thwart or third seat.