recommendations for Baja tour company

I am looking to do a Baja tour this upcoming spring, but am finding that most of the tour companies are aimed at more beginner level kayakers and primarily use double kayaks. We are not expert paddlers, but are definitely strong intermediates.

Was looking for something a week to ten days, using single touring kayaks, and they need to have boats for smaller paddlers for my girlfriend. Daily paddle distances of 10 to 15 miles would be great. Probably the Sea of Cortez side, as the Bay of Magdelena side seems more aimed at whale watching by skiff than paddling time.

I checked the trip/outfitters directory on this site, but they don’t seem to list any aimed at advanced paddlers.

I guess we would also consider a tour where a guide and plan is set by someone else, but we drive our own boats and gear down.

Any suggestions?

Maybe more adventure than you want …

The Bahia de los Angeles Trip would be OK for what you describe.

Check out some of the other trips on the Pacific side.

These are trips for paddlers not tourists.

Also Liquid Fusion kayaks
Jeff is an excellent teacher and could tailor a trip for you

Happy Thanksgiving Peter-CA
I have a paddling partner in the club I belong to who has gone to Baha the last two years and has used the same guide each time. If you will email me off line I will email you his name and email address. He just got back about three weeks ago. He is a great guy, very knowledgeable and helpful. You will feel like you’ve know him for years.

Again, happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful as I am sure you are too!

Good luck