Recommendations for Galapagos

Does anyone have any recommendations for tour companies? Or experiences? Land tours vs. boat tours? We are likely to be going in May, 2007. Thanks in advance.

with Olaf Malver from “Explorers Corner” in Madison last Canoecopia. He’s a very interesting, funny and highly recommends a tour there. Check out their website.

Eskape Sea Kayaking
Check out

The owner/operator of this company, Roger Schumann, is pretty well known in Northern CA (and beyond, as he has written some books and also often writes for Sea Kayaker magazine).

I have taken a lot of lessons with him, and did a week long trip in the San Juans 3 years ago with him. Definitely a good leader. His trips are often a bit more rugged than others (camping, carrying your own gear, etc.) and have a significant skills building side (you will do recovery practice during the trip at some point, along with other skill practices).

Can’t say about the Galapagos Trip in particular - I have not done that with him. Also check the date, as he has it for late April which doesn’t exactly match your date.

Yup, Explorerscorner

Brent has been there…
His report is here, and I think he mentions the outfitter.



Hi - We did a combination staying in hotels and a boat booked though an English company but run by locals.

Infrastructure is limited on most islands, which is no bad thing given you don’t visit to see shopping malls or tourist tat. Our hotel had bare wiring in the showers and catering staff who didn’t turn up on Christmas Eve or Day (We made the most of it by emptying their bar for them in revenge - they never did work out who did it)

Our boat was tiny, 10 berth with no facilities but it did mean we were quickly on and off when we got to the islands. I’ve heard horror stories that it can take the biggest boats ages to shuttle passengers ashore in the zodiacs. I’d go for a sensible compromise of a mid sized boat.

The place is fantastic, go for a sea based tour that visits a wide range of the islands. If you can don’t just visit the tortoises at the Darwin Centre,on the same island hire a local taxi and visit a farm where they roam free.It only cost a few dollars.

And don’t forget the sea - I jumped ship with my fins and mask at every opportunity, even if it was only 10 minutes before lunch. Best snorkelling you’ll find anywhere, just like swimming in an aquarium, except the rays are 6-8 feet across and there are millions of fish. It ruined my first experience of scuba diving in a later trip to Thailand, even though it was a world renowned dive site it felt like someone had forgotten to put any fish in the water.

Whatever you do just book it.

Thanks for the advice
What with comments here, Brent’s trip report, and the article in Sea Kayaker we are booking with Explorer’s Corner. Appreciate the help.