Recommendations for Kayaking Lake Mead

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I would like to know if anyone can recommend a kayak rental/outfitter (sit in sea kayaks) on Lake Mead that has self-guided tours, some good places to paddle, and can supply any advice for the area, especially about permits to paddle on the lake or black canyon.

Kayak Lake Mead

Thanks but they dont appear to rent kayak–you need to take tour. I called another place and they dont rent kayaks anymore because “people have trouble getting back on time”. I called a third place and they wanted to sell me an ?ATV? tour instead

So I was hoping someone might have actually been out there and rented a kayak.

looked into this

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We're thinking of going out that way to camp and tour in January and February coming up so I had just been looking into that myself. Here are 3 outfitters I found:

Haven't talked to any of them yet, but the websites look promising. Is one of them the folks who said they don't rent anymore?

L. Mead & CO river
I’ve been out there lotsa times but haven’t rented a kayak (as I paddle canoes)

The only permits required anywhere below end of Grand Canyon NP are to launch directly below Hoover dam into Black canyon. You could formerly obtain these from LMNRA but they are now available exclusively from one outfitter (contact LMNRA for info. They also have a great downloadable map) One can still launch into Black canyon w/o a permit from Willow beach, about 13m below the dam. They had a few low-end canoes & kayaks for rent when I was last there in 4-12. Even when releasing it’s still possible for competent paddlers to go upriver from Willow beach

Although quite a drive from L Mead there’s an outfitter in Bullhead City run by a very friendly gal, Helen, who has a huge stable of rental boats.

Seem to recall rental boats in Boulder City NV also.

E me if you want specifics about my fav sections of Mead/Mohave but connecting, free-flowing waters thru Black canyon are @ top of list. Enjoy !

cost options
Actually, considering the headache of rentals and the costs, we’ll probably just spend the extra airline fees to haul our folding kayaks and gear along. Even the excess baggage cost round trip is about the same as a full day’s rental (plus you don’t have the hassle of having to paddle within their hours of operation.)

(That’s also what tsunamichuck1 does.)

There have been some good deals on used folding kayaks on Ebay and other sites lately. Might be something you could think about.

great info
Im 90% percent sure kayaklasvegas said they stopped renting and did trips instead. The NPS permits were sold out on the one day of the week that they offered a guided trip into black canyon that looked very nice.

This does require coordination and planning and some luck …thanks for all the info to make it easier.

As for taking your own equipment, last time I checked delta wanted 130 to carry a bag of scuba equipent one way anywhere in the US, so I would check with the airline. Its getting to a point where baggage fees could double the price paid to the airlines.

Southwest Airlines
flies to Vegas, 2 bags 50lbs each free baggage allowance

Lake Powell Instead?
Nearby Lake Powell does have kayak rentals and is probably a better place to paddle, anyway. It is an almost unbelievably beautiful place with high walls and rocky landscapes. Check out this site.

Mead is large, open, full of power boats, and is generally considered a less attractive paddling option. Check out comparative photos and you make the call.


Lucked out
Good deal on southwest…delta got 25 each way for one checked bag.

Lucked out on the trip… , on my way to Hoover Dam I saw an outfitters sign and walked into a self-guided trip through Black Canyon for a day. Got the last NPS permit too.

I don’t pay oversize
very much. Use Southwest for domestic or AMC for overseas.

My Two Cents…
The last time I was in the area we took a boat out. Air temp was 100 but the water was so cold I could not stand it. Maybe low 50’s. Be careful out there.

L Mead
I came off the Colorado R in a jet boat at the end of a raft trip. The area near the river is beautiful and not very visited. You can paddle upriver and play in some of the riffles and smaller rapids.

Oufitter in Boulder City
Check out Desert Adventures