Recommendations for Trip to PEI?

Hello all,

My wife and I are heading up to PEI later this week for a week’s stay. We’ll be on the South coast (Murray Harbour) and have boats and bikes to explore. I was wondering if any P-Net paddlers had recommendations for places to paddle, must do bike rides, and must go to restaurants, etc. (Looking forward to mussels and lobster.) Had inquired over a year ago, when we were thinking about it, and ended up somewhere else (Thanks, Stan for your suggestions.). Many thanks in advance for any posts.


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Lobster suppers everywhere! That was what struck me when we were there. PEI is completely developed, either towns or farms....lot's of farms. Very pretty island.

We stayed at Dalvay by the Sea in PE National Park on the northern coast.

Where you'll be staying are lots of bays to explore, the biking should be great because the land is relatively flat with low rolling hills.

Saint Ann's Church runs a Lobster Supper (look for the signs), it's a great deal and a good cause.

On that trip we also spent time on Cape Breton Island which I enjoyed far more than PEI. Cape Breton Island is far less developed and the scenery is fantastic as is the paddling.

PEI photo's

Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island photo's..

Have a great time Mark!



Take the ferry over to Cape Breton Island and drive the Cabot Trail, fantastic scenery! Harbour restaurant in Cheticamp was great! Get there at dusk and watch the sunset over the water. The ride will take you a full day, because you end up stopping at all of the scenic overlooks.

North Shore
Lennox Island west)to North Rustico(east). That section has lots of bays, beaches, and cliffs.

There was a great outfitter in North Rustico that could probably give you some tips.

A few suggestions for paddling
Paddling Price Edward Island by Bob Gillette (A Falcon Guide) is a decent resource.

If you paddle around the islands in Murray Harbour you will see many seals, especially around the north tip of Reynolds Island. Launch from Machons Point for an easy trip in mostly flat water. You may encounter some swells crossing over from the point to the islands. Avoid Gordon’s Island at low tide.

The Dunes on the barrier beach of Tracadie Bay are beautiful. The trip through the bay is short and easy, but gets you out to the dunes where you can walk and be rewarded with panoramic views from the tops of the dunes. The entrance to the Harbour can have swift tides going in and out and small waves that are fun to play in (if you like that sort of thing). Launch at the end of Queens Point Road or left onto Beach Road off Harbour Road (best launch, probably)

More advanced trips in unsheltered water would be lots of places along the North Shore where you will see tall red cliffs and sea birds with not many places to land. Launch off the beach in North Rustico (dirt road goes out to beach behind lighthouse)and go right to see sandy beaches of Robinson’s Island, or go left and head toward Cavendish to see red cliffs and birds. Further up the coast you can launch behind a lighthouse in New London Bay and go left out of the bay up to Cape Tryon, or right along the sandy shores of Cavendish Beach. The tide going in and out of New London Bay is swift and is on a 12 hour cycle (not the 6 hours I am used to). Check tides before the trip and be prepared to paddle hard to get in our out of New London Bay.

The north shore from New London Bay to Cape Tryon is unforgettable and stunning, but not for beginner paddlers. Anywhere along the north shore between Rustico and Cape Tryon can get rough with strong north winds. Some experience paddling in swells, currents and small waves would be good for that area.

Many Thanks…
to those who posted with suggestions; they are very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

*Andy, hope all is well with you and yours. Sorry to have missed you back at the Paddlesports Show. Have two (count 'em, two) doubles skis now: a Fenn XT carbon and an Elite carbon. Smile.

Nice Mark!
I saw you and Sean did well in the Elite at the Blackburn. Love to try a double sometime! Have fun in PEI!


Flex Mussels,
Charlottetown is good.