Recommended boat for waterfalls

Any recommendations for a boat that will handle class3 and water falls up to 50 ft. ?? I got a few in mind but would love to hear other opinions and reasoning. Thanks.

One with a skull and crossbones in the description?
Seriously, good luck and be safe.

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Barrel-aging of boutique whiskey has completely inflated the barrel market. You can go blue plastic, but it really doesn’t have the same impact resistance as oak.


This one actually made me laugh, for a couple of reasons. First, I’m trying to picture a Class III 50 foot waterfall. Second, I’ve boated a lot of hardcore runs in the past, with some of the country’s best boaters. The idea of of someone with the ability to run 50 foot drops asking for blind advice of which boat to choose on a paddling forum tells me they have no idea what it takes to run true 50 foot drops. (if this is Dane Jackson playing a prank on us, I tip my hat to you).


what I’m looking for here is other kayakers opinions on which current kayak on the market today would be best for either instance. I’ve run class III in several boats, all sizes and designs. I’ve also done 35 foot drops. What my question is, if there was one boat you could rely on to do both, which would it be. The 50 foot mark for a drop would be the biggest I would attempt. I hope that clears up the question

Although discontinued, I’d probably look for a Jackson Karma, or maybe a Waka Gangsta.

If I were to recommend doing this - which I don’t - the description decidedly gets you to a creeker (which the Jackson boat above is).

I am concerned that you don’t indicate you are aware of this category of boat as the place to start in your post.

Ask people’s opinions on Boatertalk. This is not the best forum for this question.


I’m aware of the categories. My attempt here is to get unbiased opinions on the idea of carrying one boat to travel with that could handle either situation and still be enjoyable. I paddle all types of water do a fair amount of kayak camping

My boats

Prijon Dayliner L

Dagger Nomad

I wanted to see what boats others might recommend without anyone knowing what I usually paddle. I’m 40+. Live in western New York and have been on the water about 8 years now.

Is there some reason for you to suspect that the Dagger Nomad would not be a good choice?

Some of what you said in your reply to me would have saved some back and forth in this thread.

I didn’t want to say I had one, to see if any others might have recommended it over something else or to get other possibilities. The nomad is my choice boat for most things, less my extended camping trips or lake trips to play in the waves which I then take the prijon.

My apologies. While I appreciate the concern of everyone. I’m no pro but I’m no rookie either. Like I stated earlier I’m just looking for opinions based on the fact that, I understand what I’m asking.

There are no boats in existence that can be recommended for a 50 foot waterfall.
I suggest some counseling.

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I’ve got to guess that if you are asking that, you are new to doing something like that. Definitely something you should learn while out with someone who knows this sort of extreme activity. They would be the one to ask. Trying something like that with apparently little to no knowledge is extremely dangerous.

Waterfalls are one of the ways people get paralyzed.

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I don’t do waterfalls, just drops, and 12 feet is pretty much my limit. If I was going to do waterfalls, especially one that was a fifty footer, I think the bulkhead would be extremely important. Some of today’s creekers have extra beefed up bulkheads and you can cut your own foam for a tight (but not very adjustable) fit. I would think just about any of todays creekers would resurface well.

A lot of ww boating is mental. I would want to feel comfortable/familiar with any boat that I used for hucking…but hey everybody is different. I once loaned out my wavesport Y so someone could huck their first waterfall- a 25 footer. Overall I think the Y was a poor choice but they were all about it and pulled it off.