recommended space between kayak hangers

What is recommended width apart to hang storage racks on the wall?

Have the straps fall on the bulkheads.

storage hooks
These are the metal storage hooks (padded) from home depot. If the wall studs aren’t the same distance as your bulkheads, which isn’t very likely, do you go further out than the bulkheads or come in so that you can hit the studs? My boat is 14 footer airalite, about 51 pounds. The bulkheads are not an equal distance from the cockpit. But, I will be hanging other boats, my fleet will be six boats ranging from 10 foot to 17 foot

Install a couple of pieces of strapping
- 1" x 3",s across the face of the studs spaced so that the screw holes in the hangers will be in the center of the strapping.

Then you can mount the hangers at each individual kayak’s bulkheads.



Don’t sweat the little stuff
Yeah, try to get close to the bulkheads but IMO it doesn’t make that much difference. Unless your boat is way thin plastic or your storage location is way hot, I don’t think it is about to deform.

With the material your yak is made out of, you should mount a couple of 2xs to the studs and then mount the racks on the 2xs at the exact location of the bulkheads.

Don’t risk deforming that plastic for ease of build.

If you hang it on it’s side, the
location of the bulkheads doesn’t matter.

In my experience
In my experience the location of the bulkheads does mater even if the kayak is stored on its side. If the bulkhead and the boards, rack, etc… don’t line up there is a good chance the the material is going to so dent of some kind.

I’ve seen it happen on new and old boats. Even on fiberglass.

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