Recommended SurfSkis aside from Epic

Hey all, for all of you who are paddling surfskis, I was wondering if any of you could recommend a line other then Epic (V10). As I am new to paddling surfskis, I was hoping to get a list of reputable manufacturers. A high performing surfski is in my near future. But before simpily deciding on a V10 because of lack of knowledge about other skis, I thought I would rely on the

Thanks all…


One word - HUKI
Some of the best I hear…I would love to get my pinkies on a S1-R in Kevlar/Graphite…

Fenn also builds good boats
Not sure about distribution up your way, but check (California) for more info.

You can’t go wrong with a Fenn Mako Millennium. Heck, get a used one for cheap, and use it and abuse it. You probably won’t find a faster surfski and the glass layup can take the abuse.

The one I have for sale

With the caveat
that the stability is a handful in the rough without a lot of seat time. It’s a wonderful boat when you can make it do its thing but much likelier to scare you than a V10 or (from what I hear) Mako 6.

good point.

is the way to go specially if you are out on the western pond. A truly custom boat, with super build quality and awsome service.