Recommended VHF radios??

Heya guys and girls,

Was wondering if someone could recomend a VHF radio model or manufacturer to me? I need of course the standard Wx monitoring, channel 16 and la di da…

it is for ocean use and am in need of two…thanks for any assistance

From the archives…

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my experience
is only with Icom and Std Horizon

both are quality units, work about the same, both are submersible. however, i no longer trust them to last long if they get regular salt water baths. the Icom had to be sent back for warranty repair, with the warning don’t send it back again. they are waterproof, but for sea kayakings continual dunking they are not going to last long before contacts corrode, or seals are breeched. i now put the radio in a waterproof bag. so my point is, spend some money on a good one, then put it in a quality bag so you can count on it when needed. yes the bags are a PITA and make them harder to use, but not impossible.

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I would chose between a ICOM M72 to a Uniden Voyager/450/550.

If you are considering the Standard Horizon HX471S, I’d take a look at the Uniden MHS550, same VHF/FRS/Wx/Am/Fm/Airplane but more waterproof (JIS8 vrs IPX7) and also cheaper. At least in my research so far, I’m leaning towards the Uniden 550 myself, figuring since I hike, I can actually use the FRS part if I need it.


A good discussion from NSPN …

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Icom M72
I like my Icom M72. If you buy one, feel free to download the cheatsheet I made for it:

The Icom M88 is the one I and most of my
paddling buddies use. It is more expensive than most, but also really waterproof. Since most of my paddling is in the open ocean, where a reliable marine radio is critical, it just doesn’t seem like a prudent place to pinch pennies. I don’t use it in a bag. If I need it, it would be in conditions where I would not be able to fumble with a bag. I also make sure to rinse it thoroughly after each paddle, since salt water is very corrosive and pretty committed to getting into everything.

Been very happy
with my ICOM-M72. Keep the radio in my pfd pocket. Paddled in rainy weather and taken plenty of water over the boat with no problems.

Safe communication
I have a Standard-Horizon HX460SB VHF that I bought when the model came out (I think it might have been about six years ago.) I never practice safe communication; putting a membrane over the device reduces the enjoyment of communication This means the device is frequently in direct contact with a moist environment. In one encounter my device was in four feet deep for nearly an hour, and though I gave it a short rest after that, it still communicates strongly whenever the opportunity presents itself.