Reconditioning Fiberglass Canoe Seats, yoke, handles

Hope this isn’t a dumb question but I need to redo the seats, yoke and handles which means I need to remove them. Question, if I remove all of these at once do I risk the canoe becoming distorted, etc?. I just got to thinking, could in spread out a bit making it hard to get the components back in?? Hope that makes sense… It’s an Old Town Stillwater 12’ which I absolutely love for fishing small ponds. Thanks, Joe.

I did this recently. After purchasing a new-to-me boat I wanted to be sure that all of the end cuts had been oiled. Just to be on the safe side, I removed everything but the yoke. After everything was back in place, I then removed the yoke. I’m not certain it was necessary to do it this way, but it wasn’t particularly inconvenient—so why not?

I will say I took to seats out of a 30 yo canoe I’m working on and it seemed to sit weird at an angle when I car topped it. I also did leave it on my saw horses w the bottom down for a few nights which prob was the bigger problem (too much beer while sanding it down). I’m glad I didn’t take out the yoke. I’d leave the yoke in until the end. Prob keep the yoke and thwarts in till you’re done

How do you protect the end cuts? I’m working on a boat now

Maybe my terminology is wrong, but by “end cut” I mean the cut that is made to shorten a yoke (or other parts) so that it fits inside the boat. To protect those cuts you simply oil or varnish them depending on whether the rest of the wood is oiled or varnished.

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