What would be the pros and cons of these materials for re-covering a wooden canoe: Canvass, polyester-dacron, verolite.



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This question has been extensively talked to death over at the WCHA website. Mosey on over there and use the search thingy.

Generally, (you didn't ask about glass but here is the skinny anyway) most folks feel that fiberglass on the exterior only doesn't allow the hull to expand and contract and may also trap water resulting in rot etc.

Dacron is generating some faithful followers from the lightweight crowd. There is some concern expressed over durability. I have never applied it, but it looks somewhat tricky to do.

Canvas - I like canvas. It is easily applied, filled, painted and maintained. Very tough. Reports of heavy wood and canvas canoes are largely a myth, but canvas and filler does add weight. You can use the canvas weight that suits your use (light No. 12 to heavy No. 8 or No. 6) Most Royalex boats of the same length probably weigh more.

Verolite - I haven't applied it. I hear it can be a little more of a challenge to put on the canoe. I have a Prospector that originally had verolite on it and it seemed to have held up well. I'm guessing it weighs about the same as filled canvas.