recovery from wrist injury

-- Last Updated: Jan-29-05 11:22 AM EST --

ran into a wall while playing indoor soccer two days ago. have a "non-displaced fracture"
(lengthwise fracture) of the radius -- the large forearm bone that leads to the wrist. (completed playing the game of course!)

has anyone else had this injury? how will it affect my future paddling? river races (class 1-3) coming up in late march and april? any chance i'll be ready for these? any suggestions about training for paddling while the cast is on -- and after it comes off?

(and, yes, i used to use caps)

Racing wrists
I don’t know anything about the injury & the only thing I can think of is to make sure you lift your paddle with the upper arm & not flip out with the wrist on exit. Good luck with your spring racing.

My broken wrist
was a dislocation fracture of the radius and ulna. So messier, and it was pinned. But some basics don’t change.

  1. You’ll be in a cast for porbably several weeks, long enough to cause #2.
  2. Your wrist won’t bend when you get out of the cast (that happens in about 3 weeks). Assuming you are over the age of 12 and want full as possible mobility back (proabably full is doable given that is was not dislocaated) - you should jump at physical therapy in a decent hand therapy center. Three times a week wfor the first 3 will get you the most, if your insurance won’t cover it and you can afford it I strongly recommend paying for it out of pocket. You’ll be thanking yourself later on.

    And do the daily excercises religiously (or better).


I’m getting over a dystal fracture
of the radius. The protusion on the thumb side of the radius broke clean off. I had mild/moderate carpal tunnel syndrome prior to and considerably worse after, requiring carpal tunnel release surgery two days ago. Absent that, PT would have fixed me right up. If you’re an adult, six weeks in a cast, about 12 more to get things back to normal, more or less.