Recreation kayak for very tall person

I am 6’8" tall and weight 250 pounds. I am looking for a recreational kayak for lake, slow rivers and bay use. I am considering the Wilderness Systems 135T for use as a solo kayak as I need all the room I can get plus more. Does anyone else have any suggestions for kayaks I should consider? Are there any SOT kayaks that will fit me? I have not manged to find one yet. Thanks in advance for your help.

USS Kitty Hawk

You’re A BIG Boy, Wes Boyd’s
site is for you with respect to the low down on big boats for big folks:


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Perception Captiva

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Carolina 16 or whatever they call it now. I'm 6'6" and was up around 260. Fits me fine with size 15 shoes too, which is another great concern for comfort. Also has room to move the footpegs forward even more.

You should really ignore the comments of the vertically challenged. Seems like the lack of oxygen, below our waist levels affects their thinking if you know what I mean. (LOL).

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It’s a recreational kayak (13.5) with a large cockpit and lots of leg room. Easy to get in and out, very stable, good tracking, comfortable. Foot rests are adjustable from fairly short to 4ft from seat back to peg. Could probably be extended a bit further if needed.

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