Recreational Kayak for a LARGE user

I have a Necky Loksha 4 HV for my big water use but would appreciate some advice on a recreational kayak that I can just throw into the back of the truck for local ponds and rivers…

I’m 6’4" and about 265 lbs so I can’t buy just something off the rack. I want something built for big people that would be easy to get in and out of. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

suggestion …
a lot of big framed ppl are going with tandem boats with a seat removed for purposes like yours …I have a wilderness systems Pamilco 135T tandem with the front seat and center bar removed …that allows me to be able to slide the back seat fore and aft as needed to balance out the boat …WS boat is 13.5’ long and as such, the cockpit opening is huge. and flopping in and out is easy. not a boat for whitewaters or rough water but ok for gentle paddles. plus it’s rated for 450# max weight.

My 2 cents
I have extremely limited experience, but I am 6 foot and 230lbs. The wilderness systems tarpon 140 fits me well, and there are still a couple of spaces for the foot pegs to go, so I bet it would fit you well too. It’s perfect for quiet water.

big guy rec boat
Have you tried a current design Kestrel?

It is 14 ft. and 24 inches wide at the widest.

That said my husband is 6ft and 250 he fits just fine in the yak with room to spare for longer legs.

Capicity for this yak is 325#

Wilderness systems also has their pongo which fit my husband well. This yak is quite a bit wider and for me I kept hitting my knuckles on the cockpit side.

Preception kayaks have a carolina kayak which is good for those larger people.

Or a Kestral 120 HV.
I am 6’5 and 235 and had plenty of room.Did not paddle it because I have a pack canoe.

Pungo 140
I’m 6’6", and at times 230 lbs. The Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 is no problem. Definitely a big cockpit, easy to get in, tracks well, not especially nimble.

Key words: "throw in back of the truck"
Liquid Logic XP10 or the Dagger Approach? Will still stick-out of the truck bed, unless you got a real serious truck, in which case you might as well throw your Looksha IV in there -:wink: Either way, most things that will fit in the “back of the truck” will be slow on flat water but can be fun in WW…

6’2", 260lb
Pungo120 will work just fine, easy to travel in the back of a 6 foot pick up bed. Also great for a buddy boat if you want company.

Thanks everybody !!
Thanks everybody who took the time to offer advice. I was unaware there was so many option for us big boys. Most of the places my wife and I kayak are gentle waters but my Necky is hard to get into without being on a smooth surface like a beach. Also I injured my hand in a workplace accident years ago and having a large cockpit would make entering and exiting much easier for me. I’m going to price all your suggestions and hopefully I can find something that’ll fit the bill without breaking the bank. I’m sure there will be some great sales in the near future with the economy being as bad as it is.

I don’t think the Pungo 120 is a good

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boat for people our size. I am a fairly strong paddler and when I started pushing it bogged down.

Old Town
I’m not a big guy, but I have an Old Town Dirigo 120 (also available in a 14 foot version), and it’s cockpit is huge. It’s very comfortable for paddling flat water (definitely not ideal for rougher conditions). The Dirigo tracks better than you would guess for a 12-foot rec boat, and it will hold decent speed (nothing like a touring boat, but enough to get around the lake without much trouble). It’s an open cockpit, so your knees are outside of the hull, but the boat has side panels on the combing for bracing the outside of your knees. If you’re looking for a sit-inside recreation and fishing kayak, it fits the bill nicely (I imagine the Pungo is very similar). The only downside for me has been the tendency to bang knuckles on the hull, but this problem will assert itself on any of the wider rec boats - maybe try a 240 paddle.

Open Boats? - If you’re looking for a recreational boat and considering doing a little fishing occasionally, I would take a hard look at the Native Watercraft Ultimate 12 or 14. It has all the benefits of a canoe, with many of a recreational kayak’s best features (and none of the inherent SIK drawbacks). For people looking at single bulkhead rec boats, it seems like the canoe/kayak crossovers make a whole lot more sense unless you’re doing a lot of cold weather paddling, but that’s just my 2-cents. Think ease of getting in and out, carrying a lot of gear and the ability to stretch your legs.

Best of luck!

Not sold on the
I can’t remember whether it was the Pungo or Pamlico I tried…I think it was the Pungo. Seemed to me I sat quite deep in it which made getting in and out harder. Comparing deck height it seems lower than the Pamlico which have seen it since looks like a shallower “sit” so I don’t know. I know that I don’t get the same feeling in my Old Town Loon (now Dirigo or Vapor) even though the measurements of the cockpit are slightly smaller(?)

You didn’t say whether you would or wouldn’t consider a sit on top…

The Native Watercraft boats are
good looking. I rented their SOT for a few days and it is a good boat.Dry ride;little affected by the wind.

Rec boat for larger folks
Hello there. My husband and I just got rec boats this summer and I was concerned about the same thing…PLUS…fitting a toddler in the cockpit with me. I ended up getting the OLD TOWN Vapor 12, which I tried at an LL BEAN clinic. I am 5’11" and a plus size individual. The cockpit is HUGE…plenty of width and me and a 5 year old fit great! With the 40 lbs of kid plus me…it didn’t looked swamped, had plenty of stability and was a great fun ride. My husband (also 6’ and maybe 30 lbs. lighter than me)chose the Perception Prodigy 12. The cockpit, although about as long as mine, was definitely narrower. I felt more confined in his boat and am happy I chose the OLD TOWN. He also totes a kid with him and had plenty of room to do so. There is also an VAPOR XT, which only difference I noticed was a covered hatch in the back (and not even sure if it is water tight) and the price is significantly more. I got my boat at Sports Authority, they also had it at Cabela’s.

Rec boat for big paddler
I am new to kayaking. a big person 6’6"/305# with limited knee flex. I found a nice yak this fall. Hurricane “sport expd.” 14’ cap=400#. XXXL cockpit & only 50#. Check web site.