recycling or scraping

what do you do with your old boats,weather it be an old Ram-x canoe,creak boat,or an old aquaterra sea kayak.

I’m assuming it’s not in a condition

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hypothetically, to be repaired or sold as a "project boat"?

Some boat manufacturers will take back their boats for recycling, all pretty much require you to pay for shipping, some may charge a fee on top of that. Just ask a distributor, or get on the website for the manufacturer and find a number and call and ask.

here are a few

ask a local canoe club, outfitter, firedept if they want a ‘dummy’ boat for Swiftwater rescue practise.

Canoe:the ends make nice book shelves.

middle section can become a coffe table (w/ glass top). Royalex can be cut up and used for welding repairs. You can give the canoe to a local farmer as a trough for his animals…

plant flowers in it, hang it upside down underneath a ceiling and mount spotlights in it…

build a ‘dry land’ training and exercise mobile from it…saw it in half along the keel line and mount it upside down above a window for shade…

Only use for an old kayak I can think of: cut the ends off and use them as pylons or hockey goals or put a lamp inside and have a nice outdoor light (poly boats).

All more fun than dropping a boat off at the dumpster…

Go to

Type in the search word “freecycle”. Join a group in your area. Post it and give it away.

Just wondering
I fixed up a fiberglass poke boat.

I brought life back into a coleman ram-x scanoe.

I was just trying to figure out what you do if its a total wreck or you just feel to lazy to fix it up.

I like the book case idea.