Red Cedar River

Any one ever paddle the red cedar in Michigan from near webberville or any stretch downstream from there. Thinking about trying it and wondering what to expect.

On the banks of the Red Cedar
is a school that’s know to all

it’s specialty is winning

and those Spartans play good ball.

OK, it’s been 35 years since I graduated from Michigan State, and I never canoed the Red Cedar, but I couldn’t resist.

I work at MSU on the banks of the R.C.
By and large it is a slow moving river and not very deep. I have fished the river with a buddy by wading and and canoeing for long stretches. There is a section of artificial rapids in the town of Williamston but they are not difficult. On the MSU campus near the administration building there is the MSU Wave, a small rapid most of the time but with higher water becomes a significant WW play wave. At ordinary levels the river twists and turns and is quite safe except for strainers. Be alert for them.

Lots of trees in the upper reaches
Well, I decided to try the Red Cedar from East of Williamston near at Dietz road to the park in Williamston. There were about 4 pull overs in the first 45 minutes, one of which we had to go up into the woods and portage. That would not have been a bad thing, except we got into a bunch of stinging nettles. After about 45 minutes the river had been cleared and it was a nice float into Williamston. I think next time we may try the Williamston to the nature center at Meridian road stretch. Any one ever paddle that section?

be prepared to portage
i canoed the stretch from m-52 to williamston a number of years ago. lots of downed trees. the stretch from williamston to the grand river in lansing is a lot better, but the water quality is questionable. for a much better experience, try the looking glass anywhere from babcock’s landing downstream to portland, especially now while the water is high. later in the year it may a bit too shallow for a really pleasant run. most of the river is almost wilderness. a real hidden jewel.

Red Cedar River
I’m told it’s the only river in Michigan with a rubber bottom.