Red River/North Texas canoe trip

I am going with some friends on an overnight canoe trip in September on the Red River in North East Texas. I will be paddling my canoe and my friends will be in kayaks. Can anyone give me a general list of supplies that I would need to bring?

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a series of informative tips for camping. Here’s the link:

wire cutter
.44… 2 wire cutters ?..

bear spray
bail money

Lack of information…
It is virtually impossible to formulate a realistic list of gear that you should carry, due to the lack of information that you have provided.

You’re going out on a river in Texas, in a canoe, for an overnight, with some kayakers.

That’s all you know?

A very minimal list of gear would include:




Change of clothes

Pfd and spare paddle

Fire starting material

First aid kit


Red River



I’m repetitive…Texas allows fencing across water. For information beyond this you call the local paddlers.

My route above Amarillo leads across the upper Red River. Interesting drive, friendly people. The river is dry when I cross in late May.

The center of this world is:


a search to be done is: river fencing in Texas and Oklahoma ( and…) I assume, practically, if a barge cannot go down then the water is fence able.

The East River was fenced, the Texans burned them out.

funny thing is
when he wrote “North Texas”, fences were the first thing that came to mind.

Canoeing the great Red in September!
Thanks everyone for the replys! Planning is still in the works but we will most likely be putting in near the carpenters bluff bridge and paddling down around Paris Texas and having someone pick us up! Leaving early morning and making camp a shore overnight. Then waking up early and finishing the trip the following day. I’m looking forward to it! Last year we had planned on going but the river was to low.