Red sup Compact 9'6" screw and key issue

Hi everyone, I love my supboard 9’6". But I have an issue to disconnect the key and screws after a ride, especially a sea ride. It seems the (salt) water sticks to key and fin. I already have a special key, yet the problem is not solved. I’m looking for a technical solution that makes it easy to connect and disconnect the fins. Since I have arthritis I don’t have the power to disconnect screw and key.
Do you recognize this issue and how did you solve this? I’m looking forward to your answers/solutions. Since if I can’t find a better system I will have to sell my floating “Rolls Royce " and I prefer to keep my 9’6”. Thanks!

With hardboard fin boxes, you rarely take the screw out that holds the fin in. If it gets fused from salt water, rinsing it with hot vinegar usually frees it up. For a inflatable I would leave the fins in, but I am lazy, and want to spend my time surfing and not putzing with an inflatable board. Maybe you could put vinegar in a squirt bottle or squirt gun and leave it in your car window to keep it warm and use when needed.

Thanks for answering. I’m lazy too, but I don’t have enough space in my car and home to keep the board inflated :wink:
I liked the vinegar idea but still it will don’t get how to disconnect screw and key, but I’ll give it a try.