Red Tail Paddles

I’m looking at a variety of canoe paddles. I came across Red Tail on the web. They have a neat site. BUT, I haven’t received any response from several emails to Red Tail. Does anyone know if those paddles are available? And where? They seemed very reasonably priced. Any leads on where to pick one up? I’m in southern Alberta.

i find them very cheap
and generally mediocre. pay a few bucks more for a Grey Owl, better balanced, better symmetry, means finer paddling.

I’ve had
2 Redtail cherry beavertail paddles since 1993 or so. They have held up well to extensive use with only occasional varnishing of the blades. I think they’re great paddles, especially for the money. Not sure where to find them though.


Canadian Tire
You can pick these up at CT here in Ontario, but I agree that they are cheap, and that Grey Owl Paddles (based here in Cambridge, Ontario) are much nicer and a great value for the dollar.


I appreciate
the comments. Grey Owl was another choice I had in mind. They’re also much easier to come by!

My favourites
For traditional paddles, I much prefer the Redtail. My favourite traditional paddle is a redtail ash beavertail. I had a cherry ottertail from grey owl which looked nice but I liked it far less and sold it. A cherry redtail ottertail is my paddling partner’s favourite, it seems.

Grey Owl makes good things, but I don’t like their trad paddles as much. Redtails are inexpensive, not cheap.

Have used a redtail for 6-7 years, my favorite paddle. Sanded the grip and oil it from time to time. First revarnish was this winter.

and so it goes
i sold them side by side for years at MEC and always found them thinner, smaller grips, and not up there with GO, however, lots of folks swear by them. as always, paddles are highly subjective!

Again, Thanks!
jbv - I appreciated your comment on subjectivity. So true - in so many areas of life! Paddles too. :slight_smile: