Redbud run

I’ve come to appreciate how different the viewpoints are on this forum, from surfing to fjords to whitewater. My usual haunt is Michigan’s Huron River in my back yard, and yesterday’s brilliant spring weather and high water levels were about as good as it gets.


Looks nice - makes me want to get out right now, but I am working… :frowning:

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Very nice video. Good editting and music choice. Felt like I was along for your tour. Of course, being an adrenaline junkie, I was immediately drawn to the white water below the dam. Several more seconds there to figure out the “play spots” would have been nice!!!


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I’ve heard that kayakers harass turtles. Now I have proof.

Nice video but I suggest you go over Delhi Rapids to spice it up next time.

Normally I take out at Delhi or Barton Dam. Huron River Drive’s closures for B2B construction was a concern for my shuttler and that section of the river is not as pretty. Delhi is a great place to play around in a shorter boat when the flow is up.

Really nice video. Really nice location. I assume your camera was head mounted. On a helmet?

What is your boat?

@Otterway its mounted on the side of my hat. The camera stays level, so you see the brim when I look up.

@string Its an Epic 18X Sport. Not ideal for dodgem trees upstream but works out well for this run.